6 weeks in ... the new neurotic me.

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Hey gang,

Oh boy am I tired! It's only 8.00 pm, and I feel like collapsing already. In fact, I've been going to bed every night at around 9.00 pm, which is crazy, I know...

As my tolerance to lack of sleep is growing, I realize that our bodies are truly remarkable. It's insane how we can adapt to new situations, even someone like me who swore by surviving only when having 8 hours of sleep per day! That little man we created is sure keeping us busy! He's eating every 4 hours now, which is pretty good when I compare with friends who had to get up every hour (I would shoot myself!).

But even every 4 hours is taking a toll on sleep.

You see, it's not like you can feed a baby in 5 minutes and go back to sleep immediately. It's a process. Feeding...many pauses to burp the baby (which is not easy, and can take some time!). If you fail to burp, you most definitely will be plagued with endless crying and a baby who won't go back to sleep. Yup...so even when I have to wake up at 2.00 am to feed him, I'm usually not back in bed until 3.30 am or 4.00 am, only to be woken up again a couple of hours later to start all over.

It gets better though...or so they say LOL.

The older he gets, the longer the pauses between feeds, and the more sleep we will get! Oh and of course, I HAVE TO GIVE CREDIT TO MY WONDERFUL HUBBY @el-cr who is making half of the effort by doing shifts with me. We take turns at night so that we can each get some shut eye...but me being a super paranoid person, I rarely get any either way.

I can't stop myself from worrying!

I'm so neurotic it's nuts! I know this may sound pathetic and totally exaggerated, but, I constantly worry about SIDS
(sudden infant death syndrome). This means that when he finally falls asleep and I could rest, I stare at him and check every 10 minutes to see if he's still breathing. Am I crazy? Some friends think so...I even googled "how to stop worrying about SIDS" the other day in the middle of the night, this is how crazy I am!

Oh and another thing that keeps me up at night is worrying about whether he's too cold or too hot. I keep wondering...is he fine? Should I check on his blanket again and pull it a little higher or lower? Should I turn the AC higher or a little lower? Being too hot could increase the risk of SIDS, so here we go with the SIDS fear again.

Basically, this whole motherhood thing has turned me into a neurotic crazy person, and most of my lack of sleep is not caused by this sweet baby, but by my own maybe unfounded fears.

Have you been in this situation before, or have you known someone who has? I'd love to hear your comments!

PS: workouts are going great and I'll have a video ready by next week!

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I suspect there's almost nothing anyone would say that would lessen your worry. It will probably go away over time. I hope that is very soon.

Wishing you and @el-cr more sleep and warm hugs from London <3


thank you @adetorrent! I talked to some friends and they all had this fear initially, but told me to relax...it's not something that happens a lot, so I shouldn't be too concerned. Actually our doc never even mentioned it to us, it's just something that I had read about...thanks for your comment =) Hope all is well in London!

Lol. I went to bed at 8.15pm the other night and I don't have a baby. You're fine.


hahahaha OMG I-m so jealous

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He's perfect ❤
And its perfectly normal to worry. Wish I had useful advice for you but I dont. I'm sure I'll be in the same boat in 3 months. We will be co-sleeping though and bought a co-sleeper cot that attaches to the bed so she'll be right beside me at night. Hoping that would help ease the SIDs anxiety.

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First of all, a massive congratulations to you and @el-cr!!! I am so happy for you. The two of you along with @soyarosa were some of the most beautiful and calming people I have ever met and I can't wait to one day meet your son in person.

Okay, now for my take on it, as I went through this joy about 8.5 years ago...

I constantly worry about SIDS

Me too, the amount of times I held my own breath so that I could properly hear hers was just remarkable. Sometimes I would do it five or six times a minute... The feeling passes, especially when you realise the odds of it happening are way larger than winning the lottery.

As far as the waking up thing is concerned, it feels like it lasts for ages, and then one day it is over and you can actually laugh at it.

For me and my girlfriend, the way we dealt with it was like this; maybe it will work for you, maybe not...

First of all we had a sofabed, so for the first seven months or so I slept on that, while mummy and daughter were in bed together. This was great for two reasons.

Firstly, baby could sleep right next to her source of food. Babies are remarkable, and if they are lying near your breast, they can use their neck muscles to wriggle closer and latch onto the nipple. So often mummy could stay asleep (practically) through this process.

It did mean that mummy had to sleep in a bit of a weird position, with arm stretched out.

We were a bit worried about squashing the baby, however we realised this would probably only happen if mummy got drunk, which was obviously never going to happen.

The second reason it was great, was because I got a full night's sleep and in the morning, when she came and put my daughter in my arms with the words; "she needs changing" I was fresh as a daisy and mummy could go and get some sleep (there's no point in both of you being tired at the same time).

We did this right up until she went from breast to bottle and then shared the feeding duties and took turns sleeping on the sofabed.

Eventually we got her cot and put it next to our bedside. It was one of those with a drop-down side and adjustable height. So it acted as a mini extension to our bed. Slowly, over what was probably weeks, we got her more and more used to sleeping in the cot.

Then when she was about 14 months we moved her into her own room, and the rest as they say, is history.

The best quote I have heard about bringing up children is;

"The days go slowly, and the years pass quickly"

You'll notice this in a month or two, when you hear a newborn baby cry and realise how different that cry is from your own cherub's.

Enjoy! Keep talking to parents and friends, and be extra patient with each other.

Much love @Cryptogee.

Oh by the way, I've written a book about fatherhood which I hope to publish soon. If @el-cr would like I will send him a .pdf copy. Just email me at steemitcryptogee@gmail.com

Bessos! XxxX


oh and YES I would love to read your book!!!! let me know if you can send it =)


What's the deal with the half-wit following you around with his/her impotent flags?


good question! Have never seen this account before...but I only know of one person capable of doing this and it-s a she lol


Absolutely no idea. As far as I can work out, it's because I talked to someone!



thank you so much for your reassuring comment AND sharing your experience @cryptogee! I remember you had mentioned your sleeping technique with me at steemfest =). We're doing something similar...we start the night in the same bed, but then as I do my first shift, I move into the other bedroom to let @el-cr sleep. It gives him some better quality sleep. In the morning I move back into our bed, and he takes over from there =). Oh man how I'm wishing for a full night sleep and sleeping in ahahah


That's the best way, and in not too long you will get your first night's sleep in what will seem like years.

Just fill your days with as many kisses and cuddles as you can :-)