Help! Who wants to adopt my baby? I can't do this anymore....


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I'm exhausted....for real!

But of course this title is just click-bait! Did you really think I was going to put my little man up for adoption? NEVER!

I'm way too in love with him! I mean just look at that smile! He learned that only a few days ago btw, and now he can't stop flashing it! He will break so many hearts once he grows up, it's unreal.

So why the title, you may ask?

Well, even if I would NEVER want to give away my son, I sure as hell feel like I've reached my limit on some days.

If my son were a computer game, I would throw the console on the couch, and go for a walk with my dog. But he is a human being, and I can't do that. Even when he cries non stop, I don't get to throw in the towel and quit. Being a mom is an around the clock, never ending job, and it's not an easy task. I always thought that stay at home moms had an easy life, but 2 months ago, I got a little reality check.

Being a mom and catering to a newborn is hard! It's exhausting, it's scary, and it takes a toll on the body and mind.

I can't remember ever having such back pain. I can't remember ever crying just from being tired. I can't remember arguing this much with my husband over little things. And you have to add all the regular chores to the equation, like cooking, cleaning etc!

This is not a sob story, and everything is alright , I assure you! These are just very normal things couples, and especially new moms go through with a baby. When you think about it, this little worm of a human being can't do anything on his own! Babies are basically born unfinished, since their digestive system, eye sight, language skills and brains are not yet developed. It makes you wonder why pregnancy couldn't just be 10 months instead of 9 and they come out all done!
Nature is perfect, they said....

So this helpless tiny unfinished human is 100% relying on mom for survival. That's a SCARY fact!

He can't talk to say when something is wrong, so all he does is cry.

The crying can be unsettling at first, to say the least. It is nerve-wrecking, because you want to make it stop as fast as possible. It stresses you out, puts you under pressure, as it seems like the world is going under for the little worm. If I didn't have my mom at my side in the very beginning, telling me he won't die from crying, and calming me down, I would have had a nervous breakdown a long time ago.

I mean when you think about it, if you can't communicate with words, and all you can do is cry....pretty frustrating huh?

On most days I've got this perfectly under control! Him, and my emotions. But on two occasions, I did have a melt down. One time, I tried pumping milk, and nothing came out. I was empty, and had no more energy and not one more drop of milk to give. I broke down in tears and said to my husband I can't do this anymore, I'm tired! Luckily he told me to go take a nap and that he would feed him formula instead.

Parenting is hard!

But I think the first months are the worst, since you can't actually reason with them. You can't tell your baby to just wait a minute. You can't tell him calm down. You can't tell him I'll be right there. He will just keep screaming in crescendo until his needs are met! It doesn't matter if you're in the shower, or sitting on the toilet in that moment. They scream "COME NOOOOOOOOWWWW" (or so I imagine!). I know that later on, he will communicate better and with words, and things will get much easier.

For now I know that the world won't go under if I don't drop everything right this instant. It's OK to flush the toilet before I go (just kidding!).

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No worries, I've got this!

Thanks to my SUPER husband @el-cr who is my rock, I know I've got this. Also, one little smile from my baby, and I forget everything else. It's the best present ever. Even with - 15,4796 454 hours of sleep deprivation. So no adoption in sight for now, I think we'll keep him after all =)

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Oww he is so cute ❤️ and despite the tiredness, you look really happy. I love how honest your posts always are, especially about pregnancy and motherhood. And hang inthere, there's loads to go, but it will get progressively easier (I think) ☺️😅

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  ·  작년

thank you for the compliment girl! I always try to be honest hehe. No need to sugarcoat things =). Life sucks sometimes and it's ok to share these aspects too =) Hope you're doing well!!!

  ·  작년

that smile is worth a million dollars!!! I'm so happy for you guys

  ·  작년

Thank you so much Meno 😊😁

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That smile! He's so cute. Parenting is hard, no doubt. I get exhausted from babysitting my sister's kids so I can imagine what you're going through. You got this ❤️

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LOL I used to get exhausted just from looking at a kid before ahahaha

Someone used the expression “Slept like a baby” today and it made me think of you lol. Whoever came up with that expression? :)

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  ·  작년

exacly LOL I would reevaluate the meaning of this expression!

Hoooooooooly moly that's a cute smile!!! Lovely to see your little boy on the chain <3

But damn, yes, how much these tiny humans have to rely on us big humans is incredible. I think we used to do these things with multiple moms taking care of all the babies at the same time, so there was always one or two moms that could leave the group and have some alone time. But that's not live in the 21st Century. It's tough. Glad you and your man are making it work though <3 Big hugs for the three of you!

  ·  작년

I'm lucky to have my mother-in-law here who can give me that luxury every once in a while =) It really helps to be able to get away even if just for an hour or two...

he's cute huh? I can't get enough of that smile! Soon he will start giggling, which will be even more fun!

If you ever change your mind, I'm sure there will be a long queue at your doorstep ^_^

Yes!, that is really why blood is thicker than water, the bond between mother and child can never be underestimated! I really enjoyed this teachings!

  ·  작년

thank you =)

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It’s hard ... being a mom .... but enjoy those tired .... exhausting moments .... looking back .... I wish they were that little again ... yes ... it’s the stage where they need you constantly..... but as they get older ... and physically need you less and less ... you miss those cuddling moments ... you miss the constant need to be around each other .

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