As fitness enthusiasts most want to say to fitness is what?

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in motion

1, insist on exercise, slow progress does not matter, safety first, do not get hurt.

Exercise three to four times a week is optimal and easy to maintain.

  1. It is very important to develop the habit of chest out and stomach in, and master the technical action of hip joint hinge.

4, compound movement is the main, free weight is the main, it is best to stay away from Smith, squat hard pull bench press rowing pull-up arm flexion and extension is the main, there is enough power to add several groups of isolated movements.

5, hope nice figure, in addition to strength training, aerobic 2 to 3 times a week, the simplest is 6, 5 km jog moment to order a small target, became the motivation of the their progress, and can be increase the weight, increase the group number, or increase the action, according to the ability to control the exercise time between 1 to 2 hours.

7, bench press 1.2 squat 1.5 hard pull 1.8, push 0.8, 10 pull-ups, body fat 15, even ordinary people is completely able to achieve the intermediate level, can practice to this step, figure and strength have been very good.

  1. After reaching the intermediate level (generally it takes half a year to one year), most people will enter the plateau. If they want to make progress, they need to pay a lot and are prone to injury.
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