What is the correct running posture?

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The correct running posture is a technique that needs to be practiced.

This fact was ignored by most runners and directly led to the injury experience of 80%+ runners including the subject.

Here is a running method that was created and perfected by Dr. Nicholas Romanov, a former US Olympic national team coach, for 25 years.

Pose Method Running

1、Pose Method Running

2、Raise you ankle straight up under the hip.

3、Make your support time short.

4、Retain your support easy, effortlessly.

5、Have your support on the balls of your feet.

6、Do not touch the ground with your heels.

5、Have your support on the balls of your feet.

7、Do not move youre weitht to toes,raise youre ankle when your weight is on the balls of your feet

8、Keep you ankle fixed at the same angle.

9、keep you keen bent always,do not straighten it

11、Do not increase your stride length or range of motion.

12、Keep you knees and thighs down and relaxed.

13、Do not move you knees and thights too far apart.

14、Do not fix on landing.

15、Do not point your toes, do not land on the toes.

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