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Don't force yourself to where you don't fit


We all have the seeds of greatness in us, have you cultivated it?
Feed them, nurture them, most times low self esteem deprive you of setting out, then you fall short of who you truly are.


Be convinced about who you truly are, cultivate those seeds within you, you have no choice than to blossom into something magnificent.

Realize that you have genuine value, invest in yourself, because its only when you believe you are worth less, that's when you won't add value to yourself.


-Be more concern about your thoughts about you.
-Be your own cheer leader.
-Be your own encourager.
-Embrace your flaws and improve.
-Be positive about yourself at all times.
-Add value to others
-Be proud of yourself at all times.
-Never compare yourself, because you are just one of a kind.
-Add value to others.

I remain @adejoke16 💜

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Okay! This is some real Monday inspirational and sincerely thank you for it. Truly we gotta keep our heads up and smash our goals, everything and anything is possible in the place of our fitting, we can always win. Let's smash those goals today baby! Happy Monday morn..!


Thank you so much for finding it helpful
We can always win only if we believe we can💜

-Add value to others

Just like how you added value to me yesterday with your call and prayers. You have no idea how much I love and appreciate you. God bless your heart my darling @adejoke16


Amen maama and I love you too💞💞
We are there for each other hugs

A woman of virtue.
A woman of positive vibes.
A cheerful leader indeed.

Haven't met with you before but have heard alot about you and it's so awesome hearing good things about you @adejoke16..
Keep it up ma'am..
Keeping setting your goals and smash them hard...



Haven't met with you before but have heard alot about you and it's so awesome hearing good things about you

I wonder what they have been telling you 🙃
Thank you for your wonderful comment, I really appreciate💝

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Thank you @mosunomotunde 💞💞💞