How to believe in yourself and be successful

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Insecurity, negative thoughts and returning to past mistakes are the main obstacles to feeling confident. When you accept yourself, know that your confidence is well on your way.

Self-confidence helps us make decisions that are good for us, a healthy outlook on the world and living our authentic nature. And it's not defined by a six-figure salary, a car parked in a garage, or what others think or say about us. It goes a lot deeper than that, because it comes from ourselves.


Every moment we are aware of our true being, aware of who we are, we automatically feel confident. What inhibits us are our own precarious thoughts that sabotage our confidence - so it's time to adopt healthier habits and tools.

Don't bother with past mistakes

We all sometimes stumble or make mistakes from time to time - this is normal and happens to everyone. But how you handle these situations is what affects your confidence.

Instead of constantly returning to those same or uncomfortable situations (and making yourself feel bad about it), it's time to let go of those mistakes. Fix what you can. Move on. Learn from the mistake. Live in the present.

Stop hanging out with loyalty people

Did you agree to that coffee with an old acquaintance just because you think you would be offended if you didn't agree? This is probably one of the worst reasons to maintain a "friendship".

Your circle of loved ones should inspire and encourage you, and when you share your life goals with them, encourage you to move on.

Out of the trap of comparison

Comparing yourself to others and their lives may seem good - you have a nicer house, a bigger car, less “snuff” around your belly - but there is a dark side to this mindset. You can't win this because there are always people who will be "better" than you or have more or better things.

Instead, replace that destructive habit by comparing yourself. See how far you've come. Focus on how you can improve your results and that will motivate you to continue.

'No' is a good enough answer

Try saying "no" three times this week. Exercise.

“No” is that magic word you have been waiting for - put yourself first, instead of wasting your time and energy just to please other people.

Eat foods that make you feel good

How we eat is also a reflection of love and concern for our bodies. Are you saving on yourself for no apparent reason? Yes, sometimes it's worth reaching for fresh organic tomatoes or salmon salad.

These mini-upgrades from time to time teach us how to take care of the body, and you can feel good knowing that you are taking care of yourself the right way.


Perfection does not exist

Doing things "perfectly" may seem like a good choice. If you do something perfect, people will praise you and you won't risk criticism. But perfectionism can be a very destructive habit, which can cause you to get stuck in overthinking and end up paralyzed instead of going into action. Or you are rarely satisfied with the result and your own performance, and here you are again feeling guilty.

When you want to achieve something perfect, it usually fails. Instead, aim for "good enough" - not as an excuse to mess up, but as a properly done task without overthinking or polishing.

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