Actualizing Your Ideas To Create Wealth

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An Idea is the abstract of the physical things we feel, see and touch. It important to let you know that everything in existence today, were born from ideas examples of such ideas are: road, electricity, television, phones and many other amazing things created from a mere idea from individuals like you and me.

what makes a difference between ideas that have been implemented from ideas that are still invisible in the level of INVESTMENT

Now when I say investment, money is not the only emphasis, you can invest your time, risk taking, knowledge, experiences and planning. Most reasons why our ideas are not actualized is the omission of doubled-effort and the investment needed. Many individuals believe in the opinion to acquire support from wealthy people or government on their supposed idea.

If you are in that category, the question should be; How can my ideas be supported by influential people? The answer simply is, to be in the company o people who can impact, add value to our innovations.

Idea is the currency for wealth creating

It is expected that every person actualizes their ideas, its not enough to have ideas, but to actualize it, if the richest man only depended on what he had up stairs, the ideas and all, he won't have be listed amongst the most influential persons, he had proofs, evidences that can be seen. Proofs are believing, therefore, let every idea you come across that can become a Wow to your world be seen on physical terms.

Actualizing Your dream is more real than just Dreaming

Using Underdeveloped Countries and Developed Countries as our focus

Ideas backed up with wealth is one major difference between the developed countries and underdeveloped countries. The fact still remains that, ideas of individuals hardly wasted in developed countries, because of there ability to back it up, that's why in this forming a quality cartel is essential.

A man conceived the thought to create a man but couldn't do that, instead he created a robot that could still function as a man. That idea didn't go to waste even if it might have seemed impossible, but he still didn't allow the size of his dream to limit him, studied and research on that idea to bring out an actualization which we call technology today.

But for the underdeveloped countries, quality Ideas are conceived but wasted due to some unfavorable factors therefore discouraging individuals to dream because these ideas are never supported.

Investing Ideas on already established Ideas

It's certain that nothing is new under the sun anymore, everything you've ever thought of achieving has been thought and actualized by someone else with the resources to back it up. Notwithstanding, that shouldn't leave you blank but it should stir up you mind to think about ideas that are already actualized on earth, that is a way to improve such establishments. For instance you might give a different business strategy for a fashion house. That is what I mean by setting your idea on already established that has been created.

Think of what value of ideas you can contribute to different ventures both online, centralized, decentralised or offline.

Let your ideas be seen and noticed
Proofs are respected not dreams.

In conclusion, let your ideas become reality by investing your energy, time, money, valued people and other resources.

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