Success Loves SPEED!!!!The present and indeed the future belong to those who have mastered SPEED.

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The present and indeed the future belong to those who have mastered SPEED.

RUN. How fast can you run with a grudge?
SWIM. How intensely can you love with all those knives in your heart from 10 years ago?
JUMP. How high can you soar when you're still holding on to an apology... that never came.
Abuse and betrayal are not easy things to let go of, but you can learn to. Get help if you must. Get therapy. Seek the wisdom of others who have conquered it before you.wisdom.jpg

Don't you see that your clarity of thought, purpose and self confidence are being besetted by these toxic recollections?
So much baggage. You've had it for so long, you've started to love it. Just drop it. Leave it all on the floor and walk away. Believe me, the world will not explode.
Done? Now RUN. Redeem the times.
TRAVEL LIGHT, and demand the same from your co-travellers.
Success loves SPEED.

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Debbie Williams.

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