Life is worthless!

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There is a beautiful tree in a tree bay. Two people were called. The first one was asked to look at the bird with a gun hand. And what are you asked? He answered a bird. What is it that he is asked again? Now he answered a bird sitting in a tree bay. The last time he was asked again, what do you see? Now he answered that a bird was sitting on a tree bundle and also saw the sky.


It was given to the second person with the gun. He was asked to shoot a gun in front of the bird. And what do you see? He answered a bird. What is the second time that he was asked again? This year, the same answer is a bird. What is the third and last time he is asked again? Now the answer is a bird with a more intense voice.

I started with a story. Last week the story was not listening very carefully. However, after realizing the fact that the story is actually a story changing life. After learning about the importance of going ahead with the goal of being big in life, at least I could understand the story. If I see the sky with a gun for bird hunting, then the birds will not be sitting on my bullets. To make birds a victim, I must see only the birds. Therefore, the goal of life will be to run on the target of one million. When hunting birds do not see the sky or trees. See the sky just as the bird hunts. Celebrate it only after reaching the goal. There is a need to celebrate success. Because happiness does not hide in the manifestation.

One day a boy who is present in the church at the time of prayer. The pastor was calling to the assemblies, those of you who think that for a good work in life, who can go to heaven, they stay on the right side. And the rest of the people who believe that they did not do any such good thing that there is a possibility of going to heaven, hell is supposed to stay on the left side. In the words of the priest, everyone split up on both sides, except the boy.

The priest asked him, "Do not you know heaven or hell?" Why are you standing in the middle of one side not standing? The boy said to the boy that I do not want to go heaven or hell somewhere. I want to go to the White House. I want to be president of the United States. Millions And that boy Abraham Lincoln just reached the White House. Became president of the United States.

The entrepreneur will dream. But you have to be hard to see if you dream. Do not stop midway. What started from the beginning started for some reason. Start with what you have. It is unwise to spend time thinking about what you have, and what you do not have. I see many people who have started stopping and started doing well now. And those who were frustrated, the day was lagged behind the day. Surely you will not want to join the team behind. Then one more moment is not too late. But the beginning of the story to move forward.

The dream will be to see life in a beautiful way. And to work out the dream, we have to work hard.
Believe in Yourself by @eliashossain

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