Mother's blessings are enough for child's success!

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Our only safe sanctuary on earth is "Mother". All the complaints that are all about mother. Not only for ten months and ten days, but also to fulfill the mother's whole life, she does not have the satisfaction of the mother. But how could we do for that mother? Old age can not be the place of mother of a mother!


Many of us may not think of the great blessing of mother's blessings. A child can change his life by earning blessings by performing proper duties towards his mother. I will share some experiences with you in a continuous way.

Abdullah Mahtab A successful businessman. Whose business is at the age of seventeen. Today I will share the last episode of my experience with my mother. Mother did not give me any kind of instruction to give her the child's education. Mother gave her the right lesson to learn how to live the right way with the advice of the right way. Prayer for the child till the last moment of life.
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Since the death of his father, the last moment of life has kept all the families affectionate. At the age of seventeen, he gave his child property for the business. The children also earned the right by using the property properly. The child has not neglected any kind of duty towards the mother. The last time the mother has served from the side.

Some moments before the last farewell of his mother, which is still remembered by Abdullah Mahtab, in spite of being ignorant of the mother, the water was washed away. The mother was already ill for some days before her death. The bed was completely covered. Could not get out of bed. Even at bed, the pasabahana did the closet. One night, after seeing the mother's bed on the bed, the mother was very uneasy. It is clear on the face. It is difficult to understand the difficulty of looking at his mother's face.
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Have you come from a mother's mouth very helplessly? I have done a job unknowingly. I was soaked in the pans in the bed. I'm an old man, I have a lot of smell. When I was young when I was young, I had cleared my pub in the toilet very carefully. You did not feel pain like a bar. Why should i have trouble

Mother's pans made the dress and the bed clean. Not all children have the good fortune to do so for the mother. Mother felt a bit comfortable to get a clean and dry feeling. He raised two hands for the child and prayed in Allah's court. He asked for forgiveness by leaving the tears. Ask Allah for the good of the child.

Before the death of the child in the last three days, he went to the will. Last time, he went on to advice honestly conducting business. Stand beside the poor helpless. Asked to refrain from doing wrong to someone. He has always given up lying and has always tried to walk the truth.

Mother took water from her eyes and asked her mother. I asked the child to forgive you all the mistakes. I release you all your debts from today. From the upbringing, from the beginning of the breast milk loan, you made all the loans free from you. My blessings will always be with you. Your child will always look after your child for more time. Make the children feel like human beings in proper and proper education. And distribute them in your property correctly. I'm also praying for them. In the next two days the mother's body became worse. After leaving the last breath, he left the world by leaving Maya.
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The relationship between children and mother is the most beautiful relationship between the world. Mother's blessings are the way to go for the child. Many of us can not respect the mother properly. The wife of the wife sent mother and father to the old age of the world. But believe this is a great blessing for parents. All the successes of the earth can come only through the blessings of the mother. Take the time to pray and pray to mom. Build a pleasant relationship with the duties. By serving the mother of the world, the path of divine blessings will be accessible in the hereafter.

In fact, the blessings of the mother are directly involved with the very effective Creator for the child's success, so take care of our parents properly and will take good care of their good and will emphasize their choices. Thanks everyone for visiting my blog.
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