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Hello steemians,
A while I was having a deep thought on how good bloggers on steemit are, and I had this question in my mind " How many of us could talk publicly about our blogs the same way we put them into writing? We all at one point have this public expression anxiety or fear (GLOSSOPHOBIA) .We could have been trying out different methods in form of tutorials, special training classes for public speaking, rehearsing in mirrors and many more. But my question is, what happens if; the presentation to be handled was not planned for, i.e it was an impromptu 😯? Are you going to run away? 😩

Now, looking at the word Glossophobia;

Glossophobia, also known as speech anxiety is the fear of speaking in public places. Some people have this specific phobia, while others may also have broader social phobia where they get scared of talking or interacting where people they are not used to are aslo regarded as social anxiety disorder. Relating this to blogging I will regard it as Text to speech anxiety as well

So, here on this post I will be analyzing different tips and steps on how to get over the fear of public speaking "Glossophobia".

  • Show some level of confidence in the first 5 seconds at least:

This very ingredient is a key one, the moment you mount the stage to give out the presentation, make sure you show some level of charisma and confidence at least for the first 5seconds even if all you may say maybe some salutations or even an Hello , just be confident in doing that, you should take some seconds to face the crowd (audience) as well with the charismatic look on your face, this will create some level of relief on your own side as well.

  • Be real and open minded :
    Now you need to be real with the audience let them know your story, make them know how you feel, you don't have to pretend, telling them your story will even make them more comfortable and free with you, you know you gave that charismatic look initailly , now you try and be honest about how you feel by doing this, you even get more comfortable with what you are doing, you also free out some fear burdens which will allow you to do it your own way the more.

  • Make the audience your priority and not your look

Here, you need to focus more on the audience rather than how you dress or how pretty or ugly you look, your main focus should be placed on the audience, you should be concerned on what you are to give to the audience because thinking on how you look will make you nervous with the fear of maybe someone out there is looking at your shirt color or other stuffs. Doing the audience focusing will help to kill fear and concentrate more.

  • Try to be comfortable with your dressing:
    When been called on stage to present, make sure you clear your mind away from how cool or odd your dressing looks and try to be at peace with that, just keep your mind off it , doing this will reduce your level of distraction which might set it... But in a case where you were prepared before the calling you really need to make your dressing comfortable, something you are used to, don't try to dress special or unusual, as this might send a signal to your brain that you have a special occasion and might create unwarranted anxiety in you which could lead to fear while on stage.

  • Believe you can do it:
    Another important factor is that you should believe in yourself and have the mindset that you can do it well, forget all your previous flops and face the new task at hand.

  • Don't miss any opportunity:
    While on stage try not to miss any opportunity to engage the audience, while on stage you might hear an audience trying to raise a point from what you are discussing, all you have to do is try to engage the point being raised as well with what you are discussing and with this, you are relieved more and the audience will be more interested in what you are discussing.
  • Share your previous stories on stage:
    Another cool tool you could use while on stage is you sharing your previos stories of being on stage if that is not your first with the audience .

    Some other tips that could make your staging more fun is by you making use of;
  • Humor
  • Motivation
  • Try to break things down to the simplest form you could. This also helps in blogging as well 😉

I hope the listed tips above were helpful, can't wait to see you overcome that stage fear you have soon ... Go to the stage and Mount that Mic then see the magic you've got in you manifesting .

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Thank you for sharing this , it will really help


Glad you found this content useful and thanks for stopping by @bollutech

Thanks for coming to my rescue
I have a speech to deliver on the 18th,during #steemit-in-ibadan
I am a very shy person and poor speaker
This would help


Wow... Glad we could be of help via our post ... Wishing you the best during the speech .... Thanks for stopping by @jeaniepearl

Great tips there! Thanks for sharing.


You welcome @dubem-eu ... Expect more of this sir 😃

wow, these was an eye opener and mind blowing,
thank you boss, I really appreciate this
its a plus and an added advantage to me in person,

In contribution, as a public speaker, you sincerity: being yourself is always the key to success.
Also in the aspect of audience engagement, telling them your personal life experience and real stories in relation to the topic of discussion is always a good medicine.

I still remain humble and appreciative boss.


You are so on point @mike4christ those point really works and it will make you look like a pro when on stage ... All you need is to face it and follow the step you will see the magic 👌 .... Nice having you around dear @mike4christ

  ·  3년 전

Wow this is totally awesome, am a victim of public speaking also, not shy but not use to it. @euronation thanks for the help


Guess the post should be of help then 😉 ... Thanks for stopping by @onos

@euronation, this is lovely.Though am not glossophobic, but I stand a better chance of advising anyone who is cos of this post. I find it very relevant, thanks. @adore-eu


Wow!!!... So happy this post was of use to you ... It is really nice having you around @adore-eu

This publication is timely and priceless as I have a lecture to deliver on Sunday to a small group in church. Truth be told, many bloggers are not eloquent speakers. This post will sure help many aspirants.

Thanks once more.


Thank you for visiting here ... Really glad you found it useful and we wish yoi best of luck on the lecture ... Dont forget to work on this tips @tomfreeman

It's really surprising though, but this is the first time I'm learning the meaning of the word "Glossophobia". Once upon a time, it was a problem for me. I'm really beating it down now. Thanks for sharing. @euronation is really doing a fine job.


Wow .. Glad you learnt something new today @jaff8 ..... you know it what? It is really nice having you around .. Stay tuned for more cool contents rolling in soon


Wow .. Glad you learnt something new today @jaff8 ..... you know it what? It is really nice having you around .. Stay tuned for more cool contents rolling in soon

Hmmm very educative @euronation
Prior to this time i knew nothing about glossophobia.
Glad to have followed your page👍



Thanks for the compliment @thinkermyles ... Glad you are following our page ... More contents to come 😉

Bravo! Euronation. This post seals the deal. The tips are well noted and would come in handy for someone like me who can write more than she can talk. A great piece.


Hmmm, thanks alot☺ .. Guess the deal is sealed then, lol, with those tips and confidence along side practice, you are good to go on the stage ... Have the stage and express yourself how you love to, anytime you you need to.. Nice having you around @edith4angelseu

I think I fall in the category of the shy people too. This post will help alot


Wow... Then i guess this should be a boost to your staging then 😉, really excited you loved this piece and you found it to be of help ...nice having you here and keep visiting for more contents @fatherfaith

good initiative. how come i only found out today. good work man @euronation and @eurogee


Nice you found us @richforever ... Hope you are cool bro?

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hi leaders, its so unfortunately i lost my phone days. so i will be offline for a while. kindly pass my message to all euronations. Also i wish to speak to @ewuoso if anyone could help send him my number 07061193645