Faster is Slower

2년 전

Hello steemians,
How is life treating you?

Hope you are able to cope.

There is one question that i have been pondering over in my mind for a very long time.
Is it really how fast or how well?

A lot of people were on the fast lane,They started life early, finished their academics before there peers, but still they don't have any direction.most of them only know how to follow instruction, They do not understanding that life is all about covering gaps and providing people's need.
But you my friend, You may not have started on time, still, life has given you the opportunity to learn these basic skill which those your peers that on the fast lane didn't.
You understand fully well where you are heading to in life.

Most times in life,
it is not how fast you travel,but how well you moved through your journey.
Thank's for reading!

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