Life is 10% what happens to you

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I learn that lesson the hard way. The first time I heard that was from Jim Rohn and I had a lot of "reasons (excuses)" not to believe him, the second time after some changes in my life I said: Boy, how right you are! Thank you for sharing ^^

Your inspirational series are truly awesome....

i can only say ...keep motivating us this way....

thank you,....steem on & stay blissful...

amazing quote, When you continue advancing and you keep positive musings in your psyche and a grin all over you will go substantially more distant than if you enable life to overpower you. You needn't bother with fortunes to achieve your objectives when you have certainty and you are spurred to drive forward at any cost. You can't control life, yet you can deal with your response to the occasions that life tosses at you so they are not as negative.


Yes, you control your own destiny and how you react to the world.

it is natural thing that we have to face all the life event by time to time. so what ever comes to life, it is the big challenge how we are going to react with it. so that makes the people different from one another to another one . the way of act and the way of thinking makes the different people in the society. so that it added the variety. so it is small portion as you said what happen to you . and the biggest part is how do you going to react with, that makes the real sense .

nice quote @greatpath, Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. You can't control destiny or the activities of others, however you can control your response when something turns out badly or things don't go your direction. Keeping a positive turn on things can help even the most noticeably bad circumstance appear to be more endurable. Indeed, even the best men and ladies on the planet have a terrible day now and again. They normally respond to the negative occasions with good faith however, and that is the thing that helps make them so effective.


That is an excellent point, "You can't control destiny or the activities of others, however you can control your response".

Sometimes we forget that and go across a wrong way and end up in a bad shape .

That is very nicely said that is why we should give our 100 % and let life decide what we are capable of having all the efforts decide our fortune and fate


Yes, "that is why we should give our 100 % and let life decide what we are capable of having ".

absolutely reaction is 90 % or we can say the whole thing is about how you react most of the time GOD check us the how we react or we can say majority of the time we best remain calm peaceful and remember "When the sun goes down it comes up again the next day " so remember not to give up and react calmly,greatly,kindly and with patience <3


Yes, we control our own destiny and make our own opportunities.

If we let everything in our life bring us down , we would be very bad at reacting to situations . If we learn from situations that occur , we learn to tolerate feelings in a better way . If one thing goes wrong , it doesn't mean everything will , one must think positive


Yes, you can choose to react positive or negative to a situation. Nice quote, "one must think positive".

"Why do you live?" you are asked and I will answer "In order to live!". You can live in the world and 90% do not understand and do not know what, at the same time, for 10% get everything. Therefore, following the path of life, one must learn without regret to leave behind everything that hampers your path forward: bad memories and old grievances, past mistakes and former disappointments, and most importantly people who have proven in their words and deeds that you are no longer with them way! Thank you @greatpath


Thank you for your comment.

we should reflect our thoughts and ideas to this world because the change begin's with simple things life will throw many challenges and its all about facing them dealing with them and overcoming them that is why life Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.


Yes, life will challenge us with many situations and we have to deal with them positively and overcome them.

Very true greatpath. It is you that has full control of your life. life is unfair and but since you have full control of your life it depends on how you want to react to life when it is unfair to you.


Yes, sometimes life is unfair. But we have full control to overcome them.

A very thought provoking quote that was indeed !! its all about how we react to it, the life is strange sometimes and those moments defines us what we will do will be the testing times of our determinations and courage if we stand and make those things possible which was impossible for other's we would achieve our 100 %


Thank you for the nice comment, "life is strange sometimes and those moments defines us what we will do will be the testing times of our determinations and courage if we stand and make those things possible...".

In life we have up's and Down's but the inner strength lead us to the glorify path
we should not give up until the last because if we give our best we can expect something in the end.which will be more than satisfying for our best effort !!


Yes, always have a positive attitude, never give up, and have the inner strength to overcome any obstacles.

very well said greatpath the final result is not in our hands we should react to life as it reflect with our actions and keep learning from it
as we move forward the way will be difficult but the reward will be more satisfying


Thanks for the nice comment.

It's so true!

Most people need to stop and at least take a deep breath before reacting!

I think our politicians should do the same.


That is a great advice, "Most people need to stop and at least take a deep breath before reacting!". We must understand clearly to the situation before reacting to it.

Yeah.. It is a great inspiration from Charles R. Swindoll..
Thank you so much for sharing my dear friend @greatpath.. I had a vacation and couldn't upvote you from the last few days.. I come back midnight in yesterday..😊
Upvoted for you..👌👍

well that is very nice to hear! so we can do alot!

Well, in my opinion, life is about fulfilling everything we want, doing what we like and enjoying it every minute because life is one and we can not waste it, thank you very much for this good post, you made me reflect for a moment and if you have is 10% of what happens to us, greetings

Wow that's amazing! 10% - 90% yeah it might be correct! And it already describe the meaning itself!
Thank you very much for sharing such great quote! Really appreciate your effort!


we should try to learn from every moment of life and should express our self's because life is meant to be lived only once its the time where we express our self without any hesitation and without any expectation and the life will be singing along with us !!

Dear @greatpath
Yes, Very true. Someone win. someone loss.
Thanks for sharing.
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this is a good phrase of the day, and I think there are people who do not recognize or give importance to life

Hmm... Depends how you look at it. We are shaped by our habitat, and our reactions are in great lines due to how we learned to customize ourselves becoming the inhabitant. If you look at it this way almost 100% is due to what happens (or rather happened) to you ^.^

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'Life is 10%' quote gives me a point to rethink about what I have done, what I need to do & what I wish to do. because it has 90% reaction. impressive work @greatpath

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@greatpath - Definitely reaction is the key point. If we react well we will earn a good life or if we react worst we will earn a bad life. Love your work Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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totally agreed..
No matter what is the outcome we should learn to accept it in a positive way..
Then your life will be awesome..
You will feel relax and free rather than tense and stressed..

So great video, thanks for sharing it.. Upvoted done and resteemed
I already follow you

Great video and great advice. it is really post. thanks @greatpath
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Great topic @greatpath
Thanks for sharing

well said nice quote thanks for share

good knowing...

Someone win. someone loss.
Thanks for sharing!!!

@greathpath it's really a great quote I thinks our behaviour is so much important for happiness of we behaved like gentle than trust me it's our happiness 10 to 100 percent can reached it. Our life is always depends on our behaviour. I seen few of familys are never get happiness just beacuse them behavior for them each other like they always fighting for little issues which is really wronged. If you politely behave than you never to suffered from sadness. Behavior is the most of great key of your happiness you need to know how can you used it.

Big thumbs up

Once again a nice inspiration quote by @greatpath ......

its very very true.....and in fact we are the master of our own destiny....

The destiny and the nature and the whole universe gives us for what we are not what we want....its the very basis of law of attraction....

Thanks a lot...& have a great day

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This quote is something that I really have to digest further. I never looked to life like that, although I know that not everything is in control, well maybe a lot is not in control. But indeed, what we have in control is how we react to what comes to us, whether it is good or bad or whatever. I really really like the way you look at life, and I shall start realising that most of what happens in my life is indeed based on how I react to situations. Thanks for sharing!

Nice qoute @greatpath Attitude is everything it shape our desires and beliefs we are always in control of our emotion despite any given situation.You just need to look within yourself and realize that you have the power to make things happen

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You forgot 10% how you act towards others