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It’s a question everybody has been asked one time or the other, from one person to another.
What’s your pedigree they say?

We are in a generation where seats are reserved for celebrity not for a nonentity who has no ability of financial stability, who can’t even afford utility and so bounce as a liability.

Who are you they say?
When is time for admission, they say who are you?
It’s the question that is unnecessary for someone who has gained admission and deserve the institution.

Who are you they say?☝
Do you know the Chancellor?
Are you friends with the Governor?
Do you dine with the Senator?
Is your Father the Administrator?
Do you have enough money?

Who are you they say?
Do I have to drive Roll Royce to stand in a car park?
Do I have to be guarded by corps to visit transcorp?
Do I have to wear gold necklace to take pictures on the red carpet?
Do I have to use IPhone to sit on the front roll?

Why can’t you just see me for me?
Why does my worth have to be determine by the money in my account? Or the words in my mouth? Or selfies on Facebook which most are not even real?
The followers on twitter and Instagram don’t make me any better.

One commit a crime and his name rings a bell and they say bail him.
Another commit a crime and he’s not on the hall of fame and they say jail him.

Who are you they say?
I am the voice of one crying for the entirety of human race.
I am the beginning of the new era, the end of injustice and the beginning of power.
I am the trigger of peace and the arrow of unity.
I am young, vibrant, strong and intelligent.
I have gotten the energy you lack and current back to back.
I am story to be told and one day to behold, a history waiting to happen.
I am more than a conqueror greater than the president.
I am of a deity of Divinity from the tribes of lions, no chain can bound me.
Am like a current of light, you can’t stop my flow.
Am the activation of your future estate.
Am the correction of your past mistakes, a hope for this generation.
I am birthed of Grace, I got length of days.
Am a Christian.
Am a Believer.
Am Pastor Isaac Ekere.
That’s my inspiration.
That’s who I am.

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It is awesome when we take our stand on the Lord's side and see ourselves as God sees us. Thanks for sharing to #sc-n.