Simple Ways Get Started and Find Freedom from Habits

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Habit liberation begins with awareness. Increasing our awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and body sensations may help us find pleasure and peace. Deeper awareness of a behavior reduces the urge to repeat it. Either we can be cognizant of these ideas, feelings, and sensations as they arise or we can disregard them. It's vital to analyze them deeply and make room for a better worldview.

A person forms a habit when frequent exposure to a certain action makes it easier to perform. Developing a habit can limit a person's actions yet increase their quality. A neuroscientific explanation of a pianist's technical playing may limit her ability to improvise. A comprehensive view would show that a person can learn to play the piano despite neurologic restrictions.


Freedom From Habits is based on the scientific approach. A habit is a learned mental skill. It restricts subject activity. It separates the action from simple motor performance. Piano technique would limit a pianist's improvisational freedom. Humans can develop routines and habits. If so, the brain may learn new skills.

We often associate habits with rigidity. This isn't guaranteed, though. Free and healthy living is possible. Liberation is instantaneous. How can we begin our journey to freedom? First, recognize that we're no longer confined by routines. We can become aware of our bad habits. When we do this, we'll understand our brains and how to overcome them.

Science explains why people create habits. First, routines limit our behaviors. The habit is a system that permits us to perform a specific action. It's harsh and unbending, too. This means it limits similar behaviors. To become a professional pianist, one must practice regularly.

To escape our patterns, we must first undergo a mental metamorphosis. Change our behaviors if we want to live a healthy life and be free of our habits. By changing perspective, one can escape their impact. This shift in perspective will also enrich our lives. Some will find it easy, but others will struggle.

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