A term we often hear is respect, but respect can have a convoluted meaning depending on how it is presented. What respect often truly entails is a word representing a person’s value.


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This respect is completely subjective because value means something different to everyone. One person may value good manors and a good work ethic, while another person respects musical ability or the ability to bake a cake.

To provide respect to someone else means you value them as a human being, that you appreciate them for their actions and what they represent. I think we all benefit from appreciating and respecting something about someone else no matter what it is, and to communicate this to them.

This will likely cause a butterfly effect, as they will feel good about themselves and become more likely to take action to provide value to someone else in their life. This increases the possibility that someone else will respect us, so in the end aren’t we doing ourselves a favor by providing value to others?

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