Unlocking the Subconscious Mind

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In popular psychology, the subconscious is basically the part of the brain that is not yet in focused awareness. It's where thoughts go before they're consciously processed and put into action, a process that can sometimes be confusing to both professionals and lay people. This article intends to clear up some confusion surrounding the workings of this mysterious part of our minds.

One thing to note about the conscious mind is that it is divided into the left and right hemispheres, each one handling different aspects of our mental processing. The left side of our brain has been known to be responsible for logical reasoning and abstract thinking while the right side of the brain handles more sensory information. While these two halves of our brain are separated by a gap called the cerebrum, their differences do not prevent them from being connected and interacting at times.

A sub-conscious mind is considered an extension of our conscious thought processes and is normally referred to as a third part of our mind. It is an invisible entity that we all have, yet very few of us actually take the time to learn how it works or how it affects us.

Although our conscious mind is very important to us, it can sometimes be fooled into thinking that there is another consciousness existing as a parallel. The truth is that the brain is composed of five main levels, each level having a different purpose and effect on the rest of our consciousness.

The first level is our primary level of consciousness, which is where most of our conscious activity occurs. This includes what is commonly known as "the big picture", which encompasses things like our long-term goals, long-term relationships, and what career we want to pursue and how long it will take us to achieve those goals.

The second level of consciousness is also known as our secondary level of consciousness, which is responsible for dealing with the temporary aspects of life. These include things such as how to get through difficult situations, how to get a raise, or how to solve a problem when it presents itself. It's here that things that would be more suitable for a higher level of consciousness are brought in, such as dream logic or mental imagery.

The third level of consciousness is the last one we need to discuss and is known as our tertiary level of consciousness. This is responsible for our day to day activities, such as making plans for the future events, dealing with work and family problems, making decisions, and dealing with our personal habits. It is here that we are able to change certain beliefs or behavior and develop new ones.

The sub-conscious mind is one of our oldest concepts but has been shrouded in mystery since its conception. If you find yourself asking "what's going on under my hood," you're not alone; the truth is that this mysterious entity is really a lot like a black box that we don't know how to open yet. To fully understand it, you'll need to take the time to fully understand your thoughts and how they affect you and others, as well as why we make certain decisions.

If we want to change our habits, for example, we need to break them down into their psychological roots, which is what the subconscious mind is designed to do. This will give us a good sense of the way things work within ourselves, so that we can better communicate with our subconscious to get what we need from it. If we feel negative emotions, we can release them and move on. If we don't have the proper support in our lives, we can begin to listen to and see things objectively.

One great way to explore the subconscious mind is by looking at dreams and metaphors. For instance, if you have ever dreamed about a mountain, what is the mountain like when you're lying in it? You can use these examples as a starting point to break down the unconscious processes that go into the layers of the sub-conscious mind, allowing you to better understand it.

Learning to unlock the secrets of your unconscious mind is a great idea for many people. By learning about the inner workings of your mind, you will be able to better understand and control your thoughts and feelings, your dreams, and all of the other subconscious processes that impact you and those around you.

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