Reward yourself!

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The link between motivation and reward is well understandable. But you will notice when it comes to our personal improvement, we usually forget or ignore the fact. It's very necessary to reward ourselves to keep ourselves motivated, inspired, and make us more productive.


Because sometimes we get confused about what and how to reward ourselves. It aways doesn't have to be about a gift or present. A very simple thing can be a good reward.

Rewards can be about treating ourselves with good food, taking a break from our busy schedule, going for a vacation. From my understanding, everything related to 'self-care' can be a form of reward. Like giving quality time to ourselves, relaxing, taking care of skin & hair etc. No matter what you choose, make sure you feel better after a bad day, after any achievement. Don't forget to recognize how well you are doing.

However, we have to consider whether we are likely to be motivated by those rewards or not. We should find out what actually works for us. It can be a long term or short term rewards. Finding out this is very easy. You may have to go through and experience different things. Take your time and figure out what works well.

But remember, rewards can be counterproductive, make us lazy sometimes. So it's better to focus in what way we are treating ourselves. Rewarding ourselves every now and then can boost our energy, keep us motivated, and make us feel better about ourselves. So don't forget to celebrate your success, don't forget to keep your best by treating yourself good!

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