Fake it 'till you make it. Really?

5개월 전

How many times did you hear that phrase? It's quite true in its fakeness actually. You should not fake! Fake for what? What you'll attract while you fake it? Fake people/circumstances/ situation.

Do you really want to spend life like being at the dinner table with your collegues faking that you give a damn about their life?

faking how their appreciate your jumper or your new hair colour?

Do you really want to call friends people that fake their attitude just to look more self concious?

If your answer is NO than don't fake a single thing. Be yoursef ALWAYS and you will attract the same people...Positive, authentic people just like you.

You can sit at a table and enjoy the dinner, laughing and talking about things that really matter to you.

Don't fake... Be authentic 'till you make it.

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