Cold with sunlight

2년 전


The stars happily glow in the distance. In fact, they did not care about humans who were still fighting about flat or round earth. Maybe some stars fell to earth to intervene to help the debate. Ah, I really don't care. All are lies. Even myself. Ah, again I thought about that. The thing that creates a wound. Even though the wound was gone but the mark was still very visible.

I ride my bicycle fast. The trees on my right cheerfully shook the leaves. They did not care at all about the branches of the tree which had begun to fall due to the pressure of age. I saw a pair of sparrows singing poetic notes on the branches of the tree. They also seem to be uninterested in the struggle that exists on earth. It is very pleasant to be like them. There is nothing to fear and doubt.

Back I focused on the street. Houses are still rarely seen, only rice fields are on the left side of the road and rubber trees on the right side of the road. Even then I did not see a motorized vehicle passing the road to my school. I checked my watch, it still showed 6:30. This means that I still have half an hour left before the school gate is completely locked.

"Nia, lend me your Pr book." A girl stuck out her hand like she was about to ask me. Her pink lips boldly showed the sweetest smile she had.
I made it again. Angels who are in nature there just understand why I easily melted it. Well, he is a close friend of mine, even a friend.

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