Grandpa Inspired me

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Grandpa is an extraordinary figure for me. Grandpa who has always been a motivator in my life. Grandpa who always gives enthusiasm and inspiration to his grandchildren.

When I was little, my grandfather used to take me for a walk. Every afternoon, Grandpa always invited me to buy food and go around the city using Grandpa's office car. Grandpa who only graduated from elementary school, with all his abilities can become a big boss driver in a company. What amazes me is Grandpa, even though Grandpa is only a driver, but Grandpa always carries out his duties responsibly.
"Whatever is done earnestly, will definitely get satisfying results". The message of the Grandfather was proven when Grandpa was appointed as an employee in his company. Grandpa is increasingly focused on doing his work, so Grandpa doesn't pay attention to his health.

In the past, when Grandpa was sick, I often massaged and cared for Grandpa. I approached Grandpa who was lying weak on the bed.
"Well, want to be monitored or not?" I asked Grandpa.
"Lia, come home from school huh?", Grandpa turned to ask me.
"Yeah, Kek", I answered and I massaged my grandfather's feet. At that time I was still sitting in kindergarten.

Time after time passed. I started to get older, getting busier with the world of school. And rarely gather with family, especially my grandfather. Grandpa has retired, his body is starting to be fragile, he is getting older, he can't afford to bring a motorbike. Grandpa and Grandma's house is far from my house.

When the fasting month of 2015, my grandfather came to my house delivered by Uncle. Grandpa invited me to visit his house. At first I refused because I had an appointment with my friend to dawn and open together.
At that time, I saw a disappointed expression on Grandpa's face. I feel bad. Finally I went to my grandfather's house, and I stayed there for three days. The moment I will never forget is where we can gather again as a big family during Eid al-Fitr. At that time Grandpa was still in good health.

The year continues to change. My age is increasing, so are my older grandparents. Grandfather had diabetes, and that made him have to be hospitalized. About half a month my grandfather was hospitalized, but I never once came to see him. Because I always go home late in the evening and don't have much time.

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