Don't let your history ruined your destiny

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What did your history says about you? Have you been told about what usually happens to every member of your family. So you are worried, you think history can repeat itself?

We may be born in the same place but everyone has his or her own destiny, you don't need to let what happened to someone else affect you.

I heard a story of one guy who happens to be the first graduate in his family. Not that the other members of the family doesn't go to school, but they never graduated before they either dropout or rusticated.

His senior brother advice him not to bothering himself from going into university, since he himself dropout after realizing its there family barrier to graduate from university. That is so bad, Hugh!

Despite all what is happening around him, he didn't let it bothered him, he kept the believe and at the end, he triumph. That's life, what you believe is what you got.

You don't let the environment let you down or denying you of getting to your destiny. Your destiny is in your hand, so have positive believe about yourself.

Don't let peer group affect your goals and objective, walking with negative minded people can cause depression and can makes you feel relent. They will always be discouraging you.

Believe in yourself and walks towards your goals.

Thanks for your time

I'm @ohakfarm

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