Keep hustling till God answers your prayers

3년 전

After all the efforts from both of the parents to make sure we do not surfferd as they do, they sent us into school thinking when we graduated, we would have a good job that will clean away poverty.


I believe in education and the goods it can bring to the learners. I did all I could, burns several candles, drinking garri when I have nothing to eat, despite all the efforts, boys still hustling.


Life is full of lessons, and sometimes when you are going through some hardships, it would be like that time is not going to end, but you have to get strong because tough time don't last, tough people do.

I studied agriculture at higher institution, so after waiting and searching for jobs and gets no one, I decided to practicalise what I studied. If no one ready to employ you, you have to employed


I keep the belief and I am working hard on my goals, but you have to makes sure you are in the right path to your success. So that your hustling time will not be a wasting time.

If you are lucky or privileged enough to be born in a wealthy family, wish you a good luck. Though, if you failed to work on what you get from your parents, it will soon disappears.

And if you found yourself among the average or poor, don't look down on your self. Through hard work and dedication, sky will be your starting point.

Thank you so much for your time

I'm @ohakfarm

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