Use it well, The time of your youth

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The time of youth is the prime time in anyone's life. It's a great privilege to be young. If you get to the heart of many old people, they all wish they were young again.

Old people envy the youth and that's why they do whatever they can to look young again. They wish they have the opportunity to go back to their young time again.


A youth time comes only ones in a life time, it's only possible to be young ones. And that's why someone must make use of his or her youth time very well. Failures or inability to use your time effectively when you are young, may affect your time when you get old.

I have the opportunity to be with some old people and they always share with me how they feel they make use of their youth time more than they do. It's not that they aren't successful or they didn't make it in life.

One of the factors affecting youth life is their decision making process. The time of youth is the time you want to make decisions on your own. You wants to do everything you want and be at every place at the same time.

What we usually don't remember is that, the decision we made at this time has something to do with what happened to us in our old time.

Every youth have to know this, and they have to make use of their time very well. You hold yourself responsible if you failed to make use of your time.

At this time you have tremendous strength and you feel like doing anything to yourself. The time of youth is a delicate time .

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