Motivational Desktop Backgrounds [Design]

3년 전
I made a few desktop backgrounds a few years back but my boss asked that I not have them on my pc, since the clients seem to not want to be motivated.

Trying to think of something to post today I felt a bit demotivated, I found my motivational backgrounds and as expected was instantly motivated. Sharing these now since if I can gain benefit from them I am sure the world can also benefit, maybe @chbartist will take one of them very literally. Oh we can all dream but don't do it when awake.

It is best to do your dreaming in a safe environment, somewhere your co-workers won't stab you to death for wasting their time with all your blabbering bullshit.

everybody lies.png
Words to live by from Gregory House MD , a favourite mantra of mine when someone is speaking, very effective in also drowning out what they are saying.

everyone deserves to die.png
A bit of a soft one this, really touches the heart. Personal favourite.

Enough said, and if you still do not understand then maybe you have bigger problems, like being Catholica and married to your cousin.

just because you can.png
Should I have made this post? IDGAF

People are shit.png
Great song, people = shit is a better line than entire songs on the top 100000 songs currently. Deep philosophical meaning which only those with genius level intellect could truly appreciate.

Who does not like a nap? Very little is as important as you seem to think it is.

Woah. Calm the fuck down. Now go kill yourself, but not really, Actually I change this to my personal favourite. It is just something to keep in mind. It really wills you to be stronger.

Do words hurt you? It seems to me the simplest thing would be to stand against something invisible. In the end you hurt yourself and being called worthless well now, when I sleep the house makes sounds and I can swear someone is walking toward my room.

False footsteps created by my mind. So yip I am worthless when I feel worth less.

So what!

Take it and go!!!!

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VERY motivational Mr. Pen! 🤦‍♀️


Right? Hahaha well, it depends on the person I guess. As @iamthegray says below. Philosophical :)

😂😆 not what I was expecting... it’s even better!! Love it Mr. Pen! You crack me up. 😛


:) Thank you, I have had these for a few years now, good to find a place where others can maybe enjoy them. Sure does not work as posters in public areas :) :)

Only @penderis will post philosophical shit and call it motivation



You think I am a weirdo? Oh stop you, will make me blush.



If anyone was in doubt, here's they confirmation they need