Your Attitude About Mondays

4년 전

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Your attitude about Mondays, how you feel about waking up and going to work, speaks volumes about your desire to improve your current circumstance.

Believe it or not, you are what you think, your thoughts "manifest" your experience in life; ALWAYS!
The Universe is not benevolent, it doesn't "favor" anyone, it merely responds to thoughts and emotion.
If you're passionate and fired up about something, good or bad, the Universe will respond by sending you more of the same..

It's an irrefutable Law of life.

If you desire a higher lifestyle, focus NOW on an attitude of Gratitude.


By Gratitude, I mean you have to consciously be grateful for whatever you desire, and "make believe" in your experience, as if it were there..
As Einstein once stated, time doesn't exist, therefore everything happening to you, and will happen, is all happening at the very same time, you simply have to be prepared to experience the "future" you desire, now, as if it's already happened, then watch what happens.


In closing, when someone speaks ill of you, give thanks, and make a mental note to do better, when you're late for work, give thanks for the job, and make a mental attitude to do better.
When it rains hard, and your car fails to start, Give Thanks and make a mental attitude for better...

When you EVENTUALLY get that Better Job, Give THANKS and make a mental note for Better...

Feeling better now.,?

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