Catch the Critic Through Self-Awareness

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You may feel like you need to live up to the expectations of your Critic. In addition, a part of you may feel pressured to be a certain way, wear a certain color, and even become a certain way. This is because you absorbed your childhood values and rules. However, catching your critic through self-awareness will help you overcome this nagging urge to conform.

Observe your thoughts
Self-awareness is key to catching the critic. If you are constantly bombarded with harsh criticism from your inner critic, you need to learn to recognize it and take action. Your inner critic is often a fear of future reality, so it is best to find evidence for the thoughts you are bombarded with. Fortunately, self-awareness exercises can help you spot unhelpful inner criticism.

Observe your emotions
You can stop the inner critic from ruining your day by simply identifying the problem. This self-critical thinking can become habitual, even if it seems natural. While it's natural to replay bad events, it will only make you feel worse. You can also stop the inner critic by engaging in a distraction, such as a walk or a phone call, and put the criticism to work in new ways.

Observe your body language
To catch the critic, start by getting to know yourself. Pay close attention to your body language and learn to recognize when your inner judge is active. For example, if you have just eaten half a box of Oreos, your inner judge may tell you that you look disgusting. They may even tell you that your body makes them sick. Make an effort to understand the words and phrases that your inner critic uses to judge you.

Challenge your inner critic's beliefs
The first step in challenging your inner critic's thoughts is recognizing them as unfounded. It may seem uncomfortable to confront an internal voice, but if you challenge it on a daily basis, the internal critic will lose its power. The more you're aware of your inner critic, the less likely you'll act on its criticisms and remark. If you have a habit of being too hard on yourself, you may feel more inclined to harm yourself.

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