Have you?

3년 전

Have you ever put your best in something and people try to still find a way to say you aren't really serious about it, or you're going to be selfish? They see you put your everything time, energy,treasure and talent and yet they want to call you selfish even after seeing your commitment to it.
Have you ever tried out something new,big and selfless but people still want to say that you're too small to go for it and might just crash? They want to say you probably won't be able to hold it up and no one will even listen to you or assist?
Have you ever been in a situation where you're putting yourself out to help someone or people and they don't even appreciate? Have you ever wished that even one person wouldn't give up on you and see your uniqueness and potentials?
Have you ever felt punished even by your smallest and most harmless doing and wish someone will just see things your perspective and understand you?
Well a quick advise? Ignore them,focus on you,channel the bad vibes to energy, stick to what you do,go for it don't be afraid of mistakes or what might go wrong because someone who never made

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