Let me Live, I'll Let you Live.


I don't know, I enter some pages and I can't find what's gratifying, so I'm quick to close them. Of course, each of us has our own thinking, their interests, their vision of things and life, we may agree and we may disagree on many things, because our thoughts are different, and our vision of life is different as well, that's the nature of life.

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If I disagree with someone in a particular matter, that doesn't mean I'm against him or hate him, i believe what he's telling me, even if he's lying to me, because his lie won't hurt me, but I have my freedom, not having to do what he says or throw what he says to me behind my back or even at sea.

In my studies, I learned communication techniques, first hearing, looking at the recipient and other things by building bridges of fraternity, trying to embody them in my daily life and in dealing with people, so that I would accept the other and accept me as well. I like to listen more than to talk, to look at the other while he's talking to me or listening to him, that doesn't mean I'm harassing him or adore him. Looking into the eyes of others while they are talking can be considered from the manners of dialogue or communication etiquette if it is true

Do whatever you want and exercise your freedom that you want in your own way, live your life as you see it and the way you rest, our private life has nothing to do with someone else, and our relationship with other people is 'human', I don't care about your doctrine or belief, but your freedom ends when my freedom begins, it is my right. To choose who to befriend and who I communicate with.

I'm not naïve, but I'm raising because 'The rise above' is a value that elevates its owner to the highest grades, and that's why my silence is not the title of weakness, helplessness or fear of the other person, vanity arouses my pity. I don't say this out of vanity, or self-admiration, me and vanity are parallel lines, vanity doesn't know me or I don't know, humility for people is the pinnacle of humanity, and with these principles we grow up in the eyes of the other and who communicates with us.

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Best regards, ✍
M'ssieu Abdo

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