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Getting ready for my weekly Steem Dollar payout. Today I will share 2 SBD so you still have time to get your share by commenting, resteeming and upvoting my posts.


I've done all that....Can't wait to get my share. Lol


I'm ready in here.

Very nice quotes! I like #7.

Wow so inspirational one graet collection i like it ...

Upvoted ,thanks for good contents :)
if you can support me because my account has 3 months not active

your collection is very rich!

Nice collection of quotes.....

  ·  2년 전

Very nice...nobody should be ashamed of what they are.

"Everything begins with an Idea" - So true.

Nice collection of quotes. Inspiring.

Some really good quotes there :)

nice collection

Focus on your own shit. Well said!


That is the one I need to pay attention to as well. Stop trying to get others to do anything and keep on my own path. Easier said than done!

healing collection

Very inspiring. In fact i am inspired

My story is already inspiring others.

Very nice resteemed @tazbaz

Crypto Wars lets go!

Really inspiring post.

Awesome motivation @sydesjokes - Be kind, as it is very true that everone is fighting their own battles.
Then another lesson many have to learn, some never ever learn it as so many people are their own worst enemy 'Your only limit is you'

All image are great. But I like the first and the last

The first post is my favorite! You have some excellent motivational images! 💯

who knows what we might do... limitless

Great quotes you always inspire my day. Thank you have a great day !!
Upvoted and Re-Steemed.

I do like inspirational memes like that, but I wish to be able to create my own inspirational

In an ocean whit few big whales and a lot of minnows, be original, be a penguin!

Cute and hodl, boys. Cute and hodl!


Wow a very inspirational collection always brings a smile to my day :)

Love these quotes that you do. Keep it up bro. It’s so simple but so powerful

Very nice quotes!