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this is the right one .. build your own dream ..

That's why I leave corporate world and start my own business.. It's pretty much compensating than working with them hahahahha


I am still building it for others, but not anymore. I will quit tomorrow.


Good luck with your adventure!
I bid you more blessings!


I got afraid, And I didn't quit.
I am still working on someone else's dream.

That's great and so true! It reminds me of something I use all the time now that heard long ago.......... "One's focus becomes their reality!" Nice. Enjoyed!

Another great reminder to keep on working at your goal.

That’s why I’m on steemit ... but sadly it’s still a dream 😜😜😜😜😜

This is so true. So get out there and create good content, curate, and engage!
Steemit is your dream...

If I have no dream it is beeter to hlep to buid someon´s dream than to do nothing...

Wow, I love that quote!
Let's get moving people...

very true. upvoted and resteemed.

Built 😝

That's the one happening in corporate world