Keep Crying Dont Stop Keep Crying

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Sometimes we went through tragedy and there nothing we could do than to cry ...
Yes! you can cry.
We dress very well to look so nice then go out to meet friend we look happy so they think all is well for us .. But we went home and cry like a baby because like is kicking us back ..
Yes! you can cry ..
You start some investment and the business is not going they way you expect it to be.. You think you losing your money ..
Yes! you can cry ...
You have been married for so many years and you are true Christian you pay all your tithes in church and donating to charities every single day and you Are praying to God to give you just single child but yet your prayer is not answer!
yes you can cry !!

You have been praying and fasting every single week for God to do you favor but yet you still straggle in life ...
Yes you can cry..
But I tell you
don't cry to give up ..
Cry to keep doing it ..
Get a results from your pain ..
Jesus Christ were crying when Soldiers of Rome are punching nails on his palm and his feet. Jesus have all the power to vanish , he has all the power to command fire to come burn the soldiers .. But he was suppose to hang on the cross .. So that you and i will be save from our iniquities . so that he can be crown as a King ..
My Brother and sister , parents and grandparent ..
are you suppose failed in that business so that your story can motivate others ..
are not suppose to give birth so that you can adopt the poor Children so they can achieve their great destiny God design for them ..
you are suppose fail so that you can write several books of your straggle ..
are suppose to fail that test so that we can get good grade when you write your next resit exams!
Yes you can cry you can scream !
But don't give up..
No Pain Last Forever
Dont quit ! I repeat Dont Qiut !

No Pain No gain !!
Reward comes after pain ..

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