The Future is Here

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90 percent of students don't know what they are about after completing their education. Most student believe they are in school to make most monies and have ease and comfort after school in a full furnished air conditioned office with assignments to solve and get paid regularly. I have had this thought for a long time and upon analysis and little questioning among my peers , i realize most students are just like me. I am to quench this fallacy which has be-hauled all men and to expose the system to all. Many who have eyes have seen and are working towards a much more fulfilling path. This problem is seen more in areas where our future is shaped by decisions made on how today's economy is thriving.


To succeed in live, i believe you must be able to predict where the future is going. You have to travel to the future before it comes and meet you . Then you have all the advantage of making huge gains and accomplishment. My life for one example is that motivated by how our economy is today. I am an IT literate who has passion for computer science. I had dreamt of becoming a computer progeny all my life. This dream became a nightmare after completing SHS as i saw how rare it is to find a good living with that profession in Ghana. My thoughts were easily polluted my family who advised me to choose a new path towards my education. I was made to understand that the only sure way of making a good income was to be a doctor. Moreover, the prestige that comes along with the title is worth all the struggle. I jumped into it as I felt secured and had the backing of the whole family.


Today I stand here to give a different advise. The world that my father grew up in has changed. In his time, the internet wasn't that important. The community he knew was only the local one. Now being staying active on your phone could mean you being a hard working guy. The dynamic shift between our world today and that of yesterday is grave and it isn't changing anytime soon. We are only going forward. I envision and believe in a world where technology dominates. Where the only time doctors will be needed is to give a confirmation on an analysis made by an artificial intelligence. Where the work of a sales point is automated by a computer. Its coming soon and he who prepares himself for such a world will be happy in it.


I see social media and the internet 2.0 which is the blockchain as an early advancement to the new era. Look at Tesla, a flying car. Look at space x project. Do you know that the Tesla project is almost fully automated. There are few human workers in the factory yet it is functional. This tells a story of an era where human labor will be purely intellectual. Prepare yourself to meet that age. For we are already there.

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Nice ..
Who works hard deserves success
Great post well done
For more creativity..

Good article.

I was made to understand that the only sure way of making a good income was to be a doctor.

Just wondering from the above if you are already a doctor. And if so, is reality the same as what you were made to understand?


I'm still training to become a doctor. The reality of the fact is, no matter how much money you make, it wont be enough for you. So you have to do what pleases you most or sacrifice your happiness to do what earns you most. Being a doctor doesnt earn you much in monetary value. Your respect is undeniable though but man does not survive with respect

Bro its right to walk through future when it walk up to you. but its not an easy to get the future set what we can do we are just trying and trying agan but not finding way and then we lose hearts but i hope we can find path if continuing our strugle


Yh. Easy is not an option for us. Anything easy on earth is bad and kills ingenuity


exactly we can achieve more by the hard.

Society might seem to be readily available for the construction of souls but these acts of construction are actually meant for destruction. Most times we tend to make decisions based on the advice we take from close ones forgetting the closest place to take advice from is within us thus our intuitions. Nice write-up @tj4real


Thanks for passing by. Your statement ring clearly in my thoughts. We are the best advisers to ourselves

This is a good post, however, it brings to question what jobs will be available to those who do not have the education you have. More and more these days, jobs are becoming hard to find for someone trying to put food on the table for their families as technology takes over. What are we, as a society, to do when this happens? What are your thoughts?

What if some day if the machines replace the Humans?


Thats a problem for us to solve before it gets there. There are so many uncontrolled experiment on AI. It will come to it whether we want it or not. We just have to be ready for it

Yes @tj4real that's correct it help us in future

There's a AI world coming and how we are to prepare for it is going to be tough. A lot of things will be changing very fast. I hope we can cope with the changes as it happens.


Thats it. I have the same concerns too

Important publications,

I agree ...
And also prepare your self for the are of suppression which we people of today could prevent but in fact we are not doing anything just enjoying the comfortable life offered to us by the same oppressors.


Thanks for passing by and for your input

I truly believe that following your dreams is of major importance , and the road we take are not always filled with gold and happiness but at the end we would feel happy we chose such a thing. people always are not gonna support our decisions.
and times are changing to be more advanced more technical , we cant prep for the future , but we can have the mindset to accept and adapt to changes.

great article


I love your idea. We might not be prepared physical but be prepared mentally. Mental preparation is fare more important than any form of preparation. The worst advice i have had from others is to quit social media. Little did they know i could make an income from it

Robotic Future


Thats the future. Being Assisted by AI

Absolutely.Whatever field we are in,we should be updated about the developments now and upcoming in the future to sustain in this competitive world.

This book "WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?" would well explain about this topic .

beware, ai is artificial stupidity and artificial deception trust and verify human brain only


Thanks for your submission. AI isnt as stupid as you think.


Thanks for your reply, havent seen even a smallest beginning of an intelligent machine comparable to human brain, please not counting brute force calculations of course (games like chess, puzzles, solving routing etc etc), and even in those cases the so called intelligence is pre baked by human brains, just taht the machine is much much faster calculating


AI isnt to replace humans but to make humans more efficient. We aint competing against them. They are supplementing us


thanks again for attending to my thoughts. continue saying that ai can supplement humans until it is programmed to don't

Good article! I wonder how kids are supposed to be able to prepare themselves for the future, when technology is changing exponentially, and the very things they are learning, and studying today, may not be relevant by the time they have finished school

Right thinking gives strength and hope into the future. To succeed, is to have proper believe systems, changing our old ways of thinking to think anew will get us to a better future. Nice writ @tj4real


Thanks for passing by. Its only when we think different that we will get different results

I'm looking forward to the future.

Yeah, i just found my self in such a situation of where to go after higher school because there's unemployment situation. Such a dilemma a i found myself in i cant think anymore because the program am forced to pursued is not of my likened
But as you, we need to be prepared to face the future

This is so true. Apples of gold in settings of silver.

Das what I'm talking about. People generally think of sci-fi present ideologies that will take to fruition in the distant future, but it's all around us everyday. My biggest concern is the automation of the terminator..

I believe school is just a place where enlighten occurs, meet people with different orientations and gather experiences and all these helps after school

Wow, nice post @ tj4real
Its so true
Things have changed...these days people hardly even go to the doctor for checkups..they just go on the internet and search for symtoms and remedies of a particular sickness ... I remember when i had a skin reaction, i just googled and found out the cause and home-made cure for the sickness..i'm already prepared for the new age.. Lol

Human labor will be purely intellectual. I like this part a lot. Most people how ever do not know this and totally rely on the advise of their parents who are soon to fade out from the system. It is time to think and get paid.

The world is changing and we have just three options :

  1. Change before it comes

  2. Allow it to change while we remain stagnant

  3. Change as it changes

Whichever way you go, be sure to evolve

Your thinking is absolutely right 👉.your creativity is very strong 💪.carry on boss beside you and wish your golden future.

You share your good thoughts. Everybody wants ease in life but life is not easy for anyone. That's reality.


Life cant be easy for all. Thanks for passing by

To succeed in live, i believe you must be able to predict where the future is going.

This is absolutely the best advice a person can heed when it comes to planning their careers and their personal lives. The one constant in our world today is change, and no one should ever expect that they are prepared today for the rest of their lives. Always keep your eyes down the road and be ready for what is next.