Your Critical Years

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In Rome i surrendered my self to the pursuit of knowledge and science. So that i could make this discovery was the words of the early scientist. They all had something to bring unto the table. They would sacrifice themselves when need be for the success of their ambition and goals. Whether or not the same theory were to be true of today's or modern scientist need to be tested and proved. Its great to achieve something and it is greater to see your achievement in fruition. Without sacrifice, it seems virtually impossible to amount to much. Nevertheless too much sacrifice is unnecessary and lead to stupid decisions. This is the period when most university graduates will be completing their 4th year and a bunch of them will enter into the secular world to seek for Job and Income.


I recommend everyone watches Garyvee to get some real stuff of how this world really works. As you have completed you first half of your learning years, it is time to glue yourself to the success train which is entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. We all can't depend on some corporate structures already running. Our dreams wont all together be fulfilled by following a singular path. To be truly financially free, you have to set either a new path or be smart enough for the already set path. The next 5 years of most of you graduate reading this article is what many will call the critical period in your life.
The video below is Garyvee's ultimate graduation speech;


It is the time for experimentation and survival to bring out the real you. I believe the real us lie dormant within us till we discover it. I have had several different versions of myself even at this early stage and i believe there are further more in the way. These different versions of yourself wont come to light if you do not hit the unlock button attached to it. Its that simple. You think you can never be arrogant and straight forward, get to a position that requires that character in order to succeed and you have no option than to reveal that part of yourself.

I never knew i could lead someone into believing in what i believed in till I started my first journey into the entrepreneurial world. I discovered something new about myself which i was indeed awed about. I am capable of leading and people also value my opinions. That has opened a new channel for me. I am still in the University and haven't yet completed. I have already started my critical years and i am sacrificing my leisure for my future. Sacrifice is indeed necessary for you to achieve your dreams and you will never know what you are capable of achieving till you start it.
Forget about all the advice you have heard and go with your intuition. Look around and you will clearly see the pattern and a way towards your future. Don't come out to be one of the highly underpaid yet sustainable workers who regret on their dying death bed. We have all seen enough of that. Use your critical years for something breathtaking and even when you fail, you will learn from it.
Have a wonderful day and do something new today

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Great post @tj4real. It is very important to know the real version of ourselves. It takes time but life is not meant to be waste.

Use your critical years for something breathtaking and even when you fail, you will learn from it

it’s truly one of the most difficult — and important — skills to master.

I'm currently in the last semester and always almost get carried away with thoughts and ideas of the future. I have this incessant voice in my head always reminding me that's it's now or never. Most times I fear I'll be driven head-off by ambitions and it bothers me.

Still, I have started a project with my friends, a steemit project actually. We just have to see how it goes.

I came Across you few hours ago, i have gone through your post, i cant deny "You are an inspiration to me".
Checked your early days on steemit only to discover that you went through a lot of up's and down which i am passing through presently, i saw a post of your advising steemians never to give up and and only to come across this post which energized me again for success. It is not easy coming out from school and facing the real world, i think this post should go far to all undergraduate who are carried away with the fun of school life without thinking about "The world after school". so glad you made a post like this, i will continue to follow you as i hope to be mentored from your experience and kind words....
Nigerian loves you and saying hi...

Kindly check out this post [ success tips: How to overcome the chanlleges of life battles and succeeding]

Hope to see you at my blog.. @orisfina

True, we all need to find our own paths in life...

Nice post thanks for update this is high time to talk about this topic carry on boss.always beside you and follow you

Sir, what type of business you do. I graduated two years ago and I am still jobless and is so tough

True, we all need to find our own paths in life...

Nice is high time to talk about this topic.thank you boss carry on.i always beside to you and follow you

This is very motivated, graduates nowadays are starting to realize that, depending on goverment jobs or other private appointments is no more realistic.

There are up to 10 - 15 thousands of graduate every year with less than 1,500 job vacancies available. The remaining people remain jobless. This situation can be helped if everybody is laying his or her own hands on something, at least getting something to do before the opportunity comes.

muy excelente post me agrado mucho espero que continúes así saludos y éxitos

El sacrificio no es necesario para lograr nuestras metas y sueños. Lo que si es importante tener claro qué quieres para saber que estas dispuiesto a hacer por ello, de esta forma tus acciones no vendrán del condicionamiento mental del no tener aquello que sueñas, si no del convencimiento de que estas trabajando por ello y por ende llegará en su momento apropiado. La libertad financiera es consecuencia de ser libre de condicionamientos impuestos desde tu crianza por todos los entes que nos mal educan: escuelas, familias y gobiernos. La libertad primaria de la que se generan todas las demás libertades del ser humano comienza con la libertad de SER quien realmente eres y expresarlo ante el mundo.