The Need For Others Approval !!!

4년 전

Why does our mind has this basic hunger of being liked?

Why is there that need for approval?

Have you ever found yourself fearing that someone will not like you?

You LOVE Yourself

Yes it is true that everyone loves thyself it is this basic dilemma of ‘what other people will think’ that spoils it thou.

It is the game that our mind plays with us making us think that we are doing wrong by not caring about what others think.

And seriously as simple as it sounds it hurts a lot.

So how does a person go from “I care what they think” to “Who cares what anybody thinks ?”

It Is Simple But It Takes Time

Good changes are usually slow to occur and changing how you mind thinks right now takes time and a lot of practice, but

There are few things you can to make it faster.

1. Good and bad is only ones perception.
Anything you might consider good can be considered bad by other person.
So keep your cool when you think anything is right.
And keep moving forward keeping this in mind that there will always be someone who disagrees with you.

2. It is not your responsibility to make everyone happy
Your responsibility is to make yourself happy.
Change begins at home so if you will make yourself happy that will give the power to spread that happiness and feeling of being liked to everybody else.

3. If you try to act like you don’t care for long you eventually will end up like that
Change is slow and gradual but it is the only constant thing in this world.
And a change takes time to become a habit.
Keeping you on the path of your happiness will surely lead you to that later if not sooner.

Some people might say that it is good to care about others.
Yes it is, but not if it is hurting you internally.

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Great topic here, and I like what you pointed out.
Personally I can say that I've found a good thing to pursue balance in looking for other's approval.
Balance in caring or not. Since there where a period where I had the attitude to not care very much and I felt good, I felt in control for a while. Then I realized that if you completely don't think about the others perspective you may end up hurting someone, or even yourself. So I thnk caring the right way may disturb yourself sometimes but it gives you a protection, not to end up completely alone and from hurting yourself since sometimes what it looks right to you may not be right at all! Of course I try not to care that much in other's oppinion when the things are secondary and I try to accept what the people may think about me since I can't control it.
I think it's important to be balanced even when you have to choose who's oppinion is important in your life. Sometimes I found myself caring to much of people not having my good in mind, and vice versa!
To me is a continuos effort to find balance


It seems that you've thought about this subject and tried to change and improve. I admire that!


If you have the help you need around, you realize the results of your step sooner or later! Who sows gathers :)

Some times people care more about other's happiness and forget their own

thank you for sharing this with us. I care about what others think and i think this post will help me.

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I care about u dear.. that's why I am upvoting for u :)
Keep it up

I think because we all have the need of the feeling of importance. It seems that for some it is even more important than food and sex! Thanks for your post!

Yes! and always keep himself/herself unhappy because of others.forget about own life and happiness.

Beautiful post

Number 2 on your list is what I catch myself doing all the time. Trying to work on pleasing myself this year.

very good psychological theme that you try
come late, if you left a vote, it will be the next time

´´Some people might say that it is good to care about others.
Yes it is, but not if it is hurting you internally.´´
Thank you very much today and learned something very valuable in that little phrase.

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Wow. This struck me so hard! Thank you so much for this message. You become a prisoner to people when you live for their validation.

excellent post friend, greetings!

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