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The day that sometimes sets the direction for the remainder of the week in terms of effectiveness and result. In some parts of the world, today is a public holiday in celebration of the Eid Mubarak; with our Muslim brothers and sisters. So, a number of us are having some time off with family and friends, while keeping an eye for tomorrow when work finally resumes.

Now, what are your plans for the new week? Like l said, Monday sets the tone for the remainder of the week, in the case of this week, Tuesday will have to play that role since Monday is out of the equation. We have to make every second, minute, week, month count. As time is highly valuable resources. In this post, we will look at how we can make the most of our working time if you have a 9-5 job, or you are an entrepreneur or a student, we all know we have to be effective in everything we set our hearts to do.

Plan Ahead

The week actually starts on Sunday, and it is often wise to approach your week with a well laid out plan of the objectives ahead. Firstly, we have to review the previous week, what are the high points of the week, what are the low points, what events led to the high points, and what decision and events led to the low points. When you review you approach your week this way, chances of making the same mistakes over and over again gets mitigated and successes are built upon hence, we experience growth and improvements in our lives.

Ahead of the new week, it is wise we have a summary of the previous week’s performance in our hearts, and that should guide our decisions and actions. Then we have to lay out a well thought out goals for the new week, these goals should be SMART. That is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. With this framework in mind, I believe every week will be a giant stride towards achieving our goals and living a fulfilling life.

Work, Work and Work

It is not enough to just plan, because planning without being ready to follow through with hard work, what you will be doing is just wishful thinking. So the role of hard and smart cannot be overstated here, because it is the crux of getting “Things Done”. It is the act of working that moves mountains, and part red seas. One must be willing to move, act, execute, and operate in order to get from point A to point B.

Work for just working sake might be a waste of one’s time, our work must be relevant to achieving an identified goal, and our activities should have a timeframe for completion. This way, we are always on the move and continuously improving and growing. And as we work, it will be wise to seek for feedback, so we can assess our workflow and improve our work and this will, in turn, have a positive outlook on effectiveness.

When all is said and done, we are the price, becoming the best version ourselves is what everyone should be striving to achieve. We should be looking at becoming better than we were yesterday, last week and last year; because then and only then we truly keep becoming the better version of ourselves. And we just keep getting better as we age, and at the end of our lives, we can look back and say “I lived a fulfilled life”


Wikipedia - SMART Criteria

Huffingtonpost - Planning Ahead


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Yes, I agree with your writing. The point today should be better than yesterday and experience and age we can make a good teacher. thanks @yandot your motivation is interesting and useful.


Thanks for you reading!


Yout welcome @yandot

motivasi yang sangat bagus,,,

Intinya dalam menjalani hari-hari selama seminggu kita harus selalu belajar dari pengalaman minggu yang terlalui, agar rancangan kedepannya bisa membawa hasil yang memuaskan. Ijin resteem ya?


Terimakasih banyak selalu memberikan umpan balik atas postingan saya. Silahkan jika ini bisa bermanfaat buat orang lain:)

Nice beatiful post...


Thank you

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Postingan bagus dan menarik, menginspirasi untuk bekerja lebih baik dan terencana. Thanks @yandot


Terimakasih telah membaca :)

Tetap semangat dan terus berusaha...


Thank you :)

Postingan yang sangat bagus bro @yandot :)


Thanks :)

Artikel yang sangat bermanfaat, Sukses selalu


Terimakasih sudah membaca:)

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Lon hanjeut lon meubaca , paki roh

Hudep cuma siat ..level ngon peng hana arti ☺ salem semoga k sukses manteng...


Salam sukses kembali:)

Benar sekali seperti yang anda katakan @yandot, kita harus mempersiapkan diri untuk kedepannya, apalalagi masa libur tinggallah beberapa hari saja