How to know your failing in life


Sometimes we work hard, day in, day out and we still can't see the signs of failure in what we do. When is the right time one can say I quit?? We need to stop chasing the wrong ideas and focus on the right ones. The filling are some of the things that will show if your failing in life;

  1. Continuous losses
    If you are doing business and from the time you started investing you're counting losses, call it quits. Venture into another line of business. Business needs a flexible mind.

  2. Less time for family
    If what you're doing distances you from your family, its not a good thing. Family comes first. If you cant walk your kid to the park or attending your kids football game, or you can't even be their for you wife when she needs you, you're definitely failing in life

  3. Less time for you God
    If what doing to make ends meet does not allow you to have enough time to seek your created and praise him, then you're failing.Money cant replace your God. Call it quits and seek for that which gives you more extra time for your creator.

  4. Recycling everything
    Is your family recycling everything, ranging from empty bottles, disposable plates, and many others??. If yes you're are failing in life. Step up and do something more productive.

If you're going through any of the above, you need to do something bigger with your life to live a more comfortable and healthy life.

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