My First Day @ IgHub (Tech hub)

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Hello Every one

It feels good to be back to the paltform and also to share another information / experince with my friends here.

My last post, i gave an overview of how my tech experience with ighub is going to stary. Firstly, i want to use this opportunity to say a very big thank you to the founder of the program and also to the host (Mr Daniel) who is bent on improving the skills of Young ones, taking them off the street and giving them the life they yearn for. Thank You sir.

My First (1st) Day at the Hub:

Coming to igHub for the first time is an experince would want to share. Firstly, i met whole lot of beautiful faces, with different mindset,personality and perspective of life. We all had to introduce ourselfs to each other and get to know ourselves.

I met self Taught front-end developers, tho still on the junior stage, there willingness to explore further was quite an emulating skill in learnt from there. We had several discussions regarding the space and how we can fit in.

After the long discussions, we met our first teacher, (Sir Precious) who welcomed us all warmly.. he started with morning prayers and then straight to business.

Precious is a good graphic Designer who is very eager to make sure he impacts some of his knowledge to us. At the beginning i wasn't fully interested in precious class cos i felt that is not the reason am here.

Precious thought explicitly on canva, made sure we had the prefect knowledge in that field, although perfection is never gained in a day, he made sure we know the basics of canva.

Canva, just like Adobe photoshop is use to design fliers, cards and many other thing.

After his class, i asked my self, why am i even here, then an answer came to me (the answer: To gain Knowledge), then i had to go back to precious and ask questuons where i didnt get.

After much, sir precious gave an assignment and its my privilege to share some of the works i did with canva..

See below!.







I have come to understand, no knowledge is a waste, you can channel the experience to better use..

Thanks For Stopping by.. i will be very happy of you follow me through this tech experinece


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