Mid Sussex Summer Championship - Round 5 Rusper - Factory Steemit

2년 전

This weekend #factorysteemit were busy representing at Round five of the Mid Sussex motocross summer championship and what an event it was.

The weather forecast was rain across the entire two day event but somehow, this is rare for any motocross event in this country, the weather was sunny and amazing for the whole two days!

Brad Clements, our very own #factorysteemit rider was out in force wearing the steemit sponsored kit from the team event last year.

Once round five was done he unpacked the 2-Stroke YZ 250 and hit the track oldskool style, seems to be getting more and more popular these days!

Hope you enjoy the pics guys and happy to be out there reppin for #factorysteemit :)

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do they race in a separate vintage race or just for fun?