ADSactly Collectibles - Do You Need Motorcycles In Your Portfolio?

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Do You Need Motorcycles In Your Portfolio?

All The Cool Kids Had Them

Do you really need a motorcycle or two in your portfolio? Is there such a thing as a portfolio grade motorcycle? Maybe and yes.


You may not have noticed, but collectible motorcycles are a definite thing. January sees several motorcycle auctions in Las Vegas and the prices might amaze you. A 1911 Harley Davidson Twin sold for $154,000 to top the board at Meecham’s Auction. In fact, four motorcycles sold for over $100,000 at the two day event.

Those four are destined for private collections or museums. At this price point motorcycles are provinenced with the same care as Sotheby's would give a Monet. These bikes carry with them the same tax advantages for loaning to a non profit museum that the Monet would. This four motorcycle set stands a significant chance of appreciating at a rate above normal interest.

There are literally thousands of models of motorcycles. Some are common and priced that way, some are less common, and there are a few that fit in the 'Holy Grail' category. Almost all are available somewhere in various stages of shape and running condition.


Is financial gain the best reason for collecting motorcycles? Probably not. You could probably do much better by sticking the money in T-Bills for the next 20 years. But T-Bills clearly lack the ‘cool factor’ given to motorcycles.

Three Reasons to Collect Motorcycles

The only real legitimate reason to collect motorcycles is because you love them.

In my case I have an irrational need for a 1953 Indian Chieftan Roadmaster. My very first ride was on a ‘50s Chief when a friend of my father came home from Korea on one. It was, without question, the coolest thing ever created by man.

Lust. Lust is a legitimate reason to collect motorcycles. I have, on my wall where I can see it right now, a Honda Press Release photo for the 1978 CBX. The photo is pretty tattered, but the feeling I get looking at it isn’t. I have often dreamed of sitting atop one of those 6 cylinder monsters.

Cool factor. Norton motorcycles are cool. Ducati singles are very cool. Steve McQueen owned and rode multiple Triumphs. McQueen was the king of cool. Cool is utterly subjective and personal, but there is no denying the cool factor in collectible motorcycles.

photo courtesy Tom Wacker

How to Start Your Motorcycle Collection

Your first decision is what category collector you are. Portfolio grade? Cool factor? Deep seated lust?

For portfolio grade motorcycles you will probably want to stick with big name auctions at least to start. Make a list of what you want and peruse the auction lists from Bonham or Meecham. They each have an auction in Las Vegas each January and a couple of others throughout the year. Of particular note is the Quail Hollow auction from Meecham. Quail Hollow is held at Pebble Beach Golf Course and features one marquee per year. It is a concours judging event, and the most outstanding examples from the marquee are found here. It’s a champagne and flannel type event and the prices tend to be very high. Bikes at these auctions are well provinenced and you can be assured that you are getting what you pay for.

There are no doubt there are a lot of Cool motorcycles at the big auctions. The list is always pretty deep and you stand a pretty good chance at getting an ordinary cool motorcycle at a relatively reasonable price. There are also numerous motorcycle sites around the internet that deal in rare, unusual or popular motorcycles. Due diligence is the key here. Make sure you know exactly what you want and what it’s worth when dealing with private dealers.

Military motorcycles constitute a specific niche in collectible motorcycles. These are no doubt the hardest to prove the linage for. It can be incredibly complex, so be careful. There are forums and publications that can help enormously in your search for military correctness.

Riders. Collectible motorcycles that you can take to the local coffee shop. This tends to be my favorite category, I’ll buy one, ride it a while and sell it. Hopefully for enough to cover the cost of my next ‘ideal’. These can be found on Craig’s List, Local Ads, Dealer sites. I’ve even bought a few with a “For Sale” sign on them.


Restorable. Be careful. You have to really love a motorcycle to finish a restoration job. I don’t know of a single individual that has made money on a complete restoration. I have several friends that always have a bike in their shop that is a ‘work in progress’. The cost is always 5x or more what you think it should be. They restore bikes because they love the work and love the bike. Failed restorations are a common occurance, occasionally even presenting the possibility of making some money after the owner gets just sick of looking at his project.

So Why Collect Motorcycles?

The obvious answer is because you love them. I have a friend in Las Vegas that has 2 Ducati singles in his living room. The fact that both of them have appreciated wildly in the last 10 years helps with his wife, no doubt. They are much the most valuable items in the whole house. In his case they were an extraordinary investment both from a financial and personal standpoint.

There is some money to be made, but I doubt that is reason enough to start this hobby. If you are in the collectible market like the commodity market you will probably end up disappointed.


Remember Fonzie? He rode a Triumph. Dirty Harry was on a Moto Guzzi. McQueen jumped that fence on a Triumph. Electra Glide in Blue was a Harley Davidson. Brando sat a Triumph. Peter Fonda on a Harley. Anthony Hopkins on an Indian. Che Guevara on a Norton. Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence on Harleys. You meet the nicest people on a Honda.

There are some of the reasons you collect motorcycles. Because you can.

Authored by: @bigtom13

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Great post
The motorcycle is simply fun
Well done .. Thanks for the description

Deep-seated motorcycles put the passenger on a high seat. I wonder what it would feel like but I only ride long distances nowadays and comfort is my priority. They look intriguing for me.


I don't even have a back seat on my Connie. I can pack way more stuff without it!


@j-ahomestudio, you took the words outta my mouth. the key word is comfort, i had always envisiage traveling such a long distance on motorcycles but haven't overcome the fear of loosing control.

Would appreciate any tips i can get for me to overcome this fear. Thank You


Once I learned how to ride confidently with my one and only motorbike, I lost the fear of losing control in normal circumstances. My first emergency braking experience led to a crash when a kid suddenly crossed the street (3 months into riding). It probably took at least three years before I learned how to maximize braking power without crashing (even with at 5-meter skid mark on the pavement). I had to do that kind of braking only once on a dry day and I did so fearfully but correctly. Looking back, I can say that I'm already confident riding my bike in most road conditions. I skid both tires on a rainy day once with controlled maximum braking on both wheels in order not to hit a car which made a sudden turn. -Things like that happen but it takes years of riding experience to be prepared unless you undergo specific training for emergencies. I'm talking about controlled intermittent skidding where you squeeze the front brake with controlled pressure and even pump the rear brake. With a professional trainer, I'm sure it won't have to take years to learn and you will lose your fear.


There are several really good riding academies around. They aren't cheap, but they can help you take your riding to the next level in a hurry.

I will never own another primary rider with out ABS brakes. I've been riding a long time, and panic braking is a serious deal.


would love to own some nice bikes... but first I guess I would need to learn how to ride one...


The Reason Why I Go to University

There's nothing not to love about motorcycles and there's everything to love about them.

I envy riders whenever I spot them whether on the television or in reality cause they are currently having the opportunity that I would run down every mile of this earth to have.

My plans are to get a bike, some funds and go explore the world with nothing but a back pack. It might take some years to go round but I know we'll that the images and memories that will be gotten will be out of this world.

I hope my wish comes true


I read all the 'round the world guys. All. I ride long from time to time, but nothing like that. I admire them.


I'm glad you do

Motorcycles are beautiful vehicles to admire from a far for me. I have this picture of me as a kid sitting in a Harely with the leather jacket and everything. The bike belonged to a friend of my aunt. I love the picture but have to admit it’s tge closest I’ve ever come to riding a motorcycle.
They are sleek looking, powerful and in some cases absolutely bad ass. As much as I like the way they look and sound I have never had the desire to take one for a spin. Maybe it the idea of there being nothing between me and the road in the event that there ever be. An accident.
I would consider myself as someone who would like to have a car collection. Complete with hot rods, classic cars, roadsters... you name it. I do believe that there is a place in the collection for some of the best motorcycles.
If I’m lucky my Crpto investments will pave the way to this dream like collection.


i hope your investment pays off so as to enable you fulfill those dreams of yours. we cant wait for you to share stories of your collection


I'm rooting for you. Whatever it takes.

Uff! Imagine travel all latin america in a motorcycle


I have friends that did just that. I was still working and couldn't go with. I've never forgiven them.


I think that's amazing! I'm trying to do that this year but in a van


Being a biker is not just an occupation - it's a state of mind. When driving a car, you can never feel the freedom that a biker feels during a trip. And it does not matter with what speed to move, the very process of movement is important, it is important to feel free. Those people who claim that riding a motorcycle is dangerous or not interesting - they just never drove themselves.
Build motorcycles - this is a very important point. When a person builds his personal motorcycle - he does not make a motorcycle, he collects a faithful friend who will serve as a guide for him on his way.
I respect those people who like jewelers collect very old motorcycles and give these legends a new life. It is worth a lot of effort - but we can see that these efforts are justified.
Thank you


No doubt it is a state of mind. "Motorcyclists are people that understand why a dog sticks his head out of the car window".

These are beauties

Legends do not die.It only changes shape.... @adsactly


Some don't even change that much. Nice ride...


Motorcycle riding is one of the greatest human therapy. The fun when riding one is nothing to be compared with. It doesn't have age restrictions, at 75, if you are strong enough, you can still be riding your motorcycle. its such a wonderful piece to have

You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!
The most important thing is to have a good relationship with the bike... you have to understand what it wants. I think of a motorcycle as a pappy, and I know that sounds silly, but it's true.


lol sure, i can certainly agree with you


I most certainly agree. Every hour I ride I get at least a 59 minute vacation. I am lucky, I am able to do every bit of wrenching on my bikes. I am intimate with them :)

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And they would be entering a contest by doing this, so it’s a win win. But I need help to get it started and get noticed since I too am a minnow. Here is a link to my post if you feel inclined to check it out:

I totally get you. but not for me. I have my scar from a bike accident to show for it. I guess I have done my time.


sorry to know about that. hopefully you get to conquer your phobia and be more careful when you decide to get back to it


I have a couple small nicks that I've picked up in 50 years of riding. It's always been too compelling for me to stop.

You own a motorcycle just because. It's just that simple. It makes you look cool at any age and not to mention the freedom you feel when you are riding. Just you and the road, baby!


Exactly. Just precisely correct. It's all about the ride.

I voted in a very post post and commented and followed you and shared the post so that everyone can see this post and vote in this post.Hello friends have been there for the last few days join steemit family.steemit is a great platfram for us.i hope everyone support me for success.....@steemitraj

One day i hope i can buy one of these Legends and ride through the country.

God bless

What a cool natural atmosphere you enjoy when ridding a motorcycle, it makes you feel good and better most especially with your kids.DQmS2JoE7aSdMo6RZNi9d1jHwjUoxTKzSPPW5dNYhdL3vs2_1680x8400.png


this amazing cool ;)

i like the red one, it's wonderful and very useful @adsactly


i know right


I just happen to know the owner of that one :) Or did. It is the only Ducati I've owned and it was not only the most beautiful bike I've owned, it was about the most fun.

Luar biasa, bagus. thanks

Beautiful Motorcycles.

I don't have motorcycle. What can i do? :')


Set a goal, build a stake. I know how hard it can be...

Motorcycle are a little nice thing to have in one's collections of movables. However your collection looks nice and elegant


sure, some places are worth travelling with motorcycle.

I always wanted one, hopefully one day STEEMIT will make me enough money to get one


sure, concentrate on adding value to the community and you will be successful on steemit then you can be able to get yourself one. we look forward to your story


I hope so for both of us!

Its fabulous to see all the old brands coming back in the 21st century, Many have manufacturing plants here in thailand so at the motor show here, all the big names wheelout their latest models.
Im in love with all the current crop of retro style cafe racers, but Im after a big Triumph Bonneville on day.
Great post, such a refreshing change . thankyou :-)

This Royal Enfield is sublime :-) (taken at bangkok motor show)


Oh, yeah. The new Triumphs are just amazing. Indian is terrific (I've been lucky enough to ride a couple). Norton. I have no words. Just way too cool.


Yeah correct

The fact that each of them have appreciated wildly within the last ten years helps along with his adult female, no doubt. they're a lot of the foremost valuable things within the whole house. In his case they were a unprecedented investment each from a money and private viewpoint.@faruk1 Thanks..

resteemit done

On a motorcycle, you can't really think about more than where you are. There's a freedom that comes with that. From stress, worry, sweating the small stuff...


yea, also poses its own risk, generally people find cars much safer but does take away the awesomeness of motorcycles


It's all about you. And your motorcycle. Even boring roads are fun.

live to ride, ride to live......good post


Absolutely. Live to ride, ride to live. Perfect.

Nice ride, The red one though is gonna be a lovely bride


It is beautiful, isn't it?

I'd love to collect a dirt bikes Cool factor and the sound it makes are the two reasons I'd collect them. :D


i tell you this, its gona be awesome. just go ahead and collect them


Oh, man. I so desperately need a Penton in my stable. I just love dirt squirters, too.

Lol, i love them already! But no money😭. But trust me @adsactly, when the money comes, oh i would have a good collection of these cool babies😊


you should start saving up then


Oh trust me i would. If i don't get one of those babies, it gonna be a sin

hmm.. So owning a bike does pay

me encanta tu trabajo!! I love!!!!@adsactly

I just picked up a Coleman mini bike a couple months ago. Can't wait until spring to let this baby rip!


That is just too cool. Over the years I've had a lot of fun with minis and scooters. They are a hoot!

I like motorcycles. I love to see people riding it and park right in front of coffee shop in my hometown. Too bad I don't ride it cause I was traumatised falling from motorcycle when I was young.


Sorry about your experience

wau sepedamotor. very cool. I really wanted to have a good post

Wow, really cool motorcycles.


Yes ... you are right ..

Nice! I'm scared of bikes. I prefer a ganja! lol


Amazing motorcycle. Thanks for sharing...

Love it , I can give you mine to complet the collection


It's beautiful! I got some of my very early riding on a friends Moped. We just abused that poor thing horribly.

Wow this is awesome this is actually the first time I am setting ma eyes on such type of motorcycle.

Here is mine,...


I have always loved those CB style of bikes. Very nice.


I'm about to take off on a 1000 mile trip down to Acapulco.

I have a kz1300 in a barn in Kansas, but it is rough.


I lusted for a KZ 1300 almost as much as a CBX. The very idea of 6 cylinders just makes me pant. If I win the lottery I promise to buy a BMW KGT.

Good luck on your journey. Do you have any support system? I have a couple of names...


It was a lot of fun before I had to park it.

Any of those names in Vera Cruz or Guerrero?

Al Motorcyclel very nice....


yea, do you have one?

Beautiful Motorcycles
i like it

well, in my country there is not a good marketplaces for this kind of motorcycles. However, the are very beatiful

its one of the best in transportation when it comes to traveling on land and i love motorcycle but i haven't ride on it once in my life


you should consider getting one. time to start saving up

I'm not a big bike fan but I get the lust factor as a big motivator for you. It would be cool to roll up on an oddball/vintage bike at something like Sturgis.


You don't even need to go all the way to Sturgis. Just the local coffee shop on bike night is way fun...

That first one with the gold details would fit me like a glove! ;)

Really cool to collect unique bike mostly from old time ago.

nice to own one but too expensive for me.

Price really doesn't matter in front of passion.
During my childhood, I strived for collecting money for more than a year to buy my desired bicycle and Mom's reaction was, "Really, if you are crazy for something, price doesn't matter" and this post reminded me of that.
Those who are crazy for amazing collection of motorbikes, would invest, otherwise cryptocurrency is not a bad option to invest in.


i agree with you on that, i have bought stuffs i like for crazy amount too. price really doesnt matter if you are crazy for something


If you really want it, you just gotta have it. My dad financed the last $100 of the first bike I bought. I've never forgotten.


That happiness :)

WoW I like motorcycles

Very attractive motorcycle. I need one too........

Wow a beautiful bicycle -motocycle type. Haven't seen such before now.. Was it a make of this year 2018?


That is very old. Closer to 1918 than 2018. Isn't it a beauty?

A very unique bike


yeah they are insane

I see the first motorcycle is rather unique and I like it, initially I think it's a modified motorcycle, there I see there is a bicycle pedal tool, I like and I want to have it sometime later

Good step actually for collection motorcycles. Old is gold, We should preserve it and This is good thinking and good idea also.

Time to buy bikes

Should be careful when buying a hobby bike. Try to go to the show room with a little more time. Never ever do it. Tarahura does not work well for any job. It is good to take someone with experience in motorcycle. Always remember the experience has a price.

Of course buy a bike from the showroom. It is best to buy old bikes from someone you trust. That's because your hobby bike is not the reason for your risk. Check the bike that you buy in the showroom. When imported motorcycles in our country are imported from abroad, they are packed with a crate. New bikes can have a lot of big problems. Here a check list is given. If you do not want the trouble of servicing later, you will see them. When I bought the first motorcycle myself, my bike protector was broken. I see this situation back home. Not even a year has changed.

  1. Take a look at whether the tires are fitted exactly. There will be an arrow mark on the tire that the direction of the motorcycle will be directed towards it.

  2. Keep the tire pumps or air pressure tires manually. Normally, street bikes are 38 PSIs and 32 PSI Dual Sports Bikes are applicable.

  3. Take a look at the brake check whether its functionality is okay.

  4. Front Axel Bolt Tight.

  5. Most of the bikes in the present day, however, speak lease. It is unlikely to be damaged by ram. Still, take a look at whether Irim is straight. If you have spoken, see if they are fitted properly.

  6. Check the steering handle to rotate properly. Note that the steering nets are fitted with bolts, they are tight enough.

  7. Holding down the bay, take care of whether the fork or shock absorber is fluctuating properly.8) If your bike seat is adjustable; Adjust your height accordingly.

  8. Just fix the clutch and throttle only. Check whether the gear is easily changed in the clutch. Otherwise, ask to adjust clutch.

  9. Take a look at whether the bike is stable while engine oil is enough.11) Adjust the chain if it is too loose or tight.

  10. Finally, the most important thing is the car paper. Of course, check all the papers well. I told you not to hurry. Work on time. Keep in mind that illegal cars are dangerous for country and nation.

B: Note: Keep in mind the value of life is much more than the time. Never drive at high speed. Use the helmet when riding a motorcycle. Be aware of yourself, make others aware.


look out for contributions like this, they surely make an impression. i love reading them


Thank you dear.


Great advice. Take care of your motorcycle and it will take care of you!


You are right, because it is motorcycles but without safety it will be die cycle

This motorcycle are really good and looking so cool.

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motorbike mmemang nice, but here i want to ask a little about your motorcycle,
how to drive your motor bike in the style of your new motorcycle show?

Very nice motorcycles

Since I was a child I have been passionate about motorcycles, however I can not access it, that is why my children have motorcycles since I was a kid, I have three children, each and every one has a motorcycle, now I buy my son more than a Suzuki Gixxer
Thank you very much for sharing this post for lovers of motorcycles
I wish you all @adsactly a wonderful week


aww, so nice. great choice to get your kids motorcycles but if you still feel passionate about it, you should consider getting one for yourself as well. am sure the kids would love to ride alongside. super fun


I have really been the only rider in my family. One brother rides occasionally, the other is way more into boats. But I know entire families that ride together.

It's not quite a "Collector" but I made this one.. (TONS OF FUN!!!) *no drivers license



Very cool. Right in my neighborhood there are 3 or 4 old Whizzers. Are you familiar with them? Those old fools have a lot of fun with their bikes...


Not the term, no. but my town has a bit of them buzzing about. I'm thankful to be where this isnt considered a motorized anything.

Excellent ...! Genuinely Good work..! ! Thank You for sharing this on steemit!

I've met people who love their motorcycles more than their wives. LOL Your article was enlightening, I had no idea motorcycles had such an interesting history. Lately, I've been fascinated with the newer versions of motorcycles, the flying kind. Recent news articles reported that the police in Dubai will now use flying bikes for patrol! How cool is that? Someday, our great-grandchildren will collect them, no doubt. Pictured below, from The LEGO Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure is more than just a 603-piece model kit. It is also the inspiration for BMW Motorrad and LEGO Technic’s Hover Ride Design Concept.



most people are very passionate about it, wouldnt surprise me if they love it more than they love their wife. its awesome what Dubai is doing . those flying bikes looks awesome and am sure it would enhance the quality of policing in the city


BMW's prototype division is just incredible. I have subscribed to their publication for years, going back to when it was on paper.

an exciting hobby..
I wonder how it feels to ride an old motorcycle

I have never had a motorcycle yet.
However, my portfolio has a thing to own a motorcycle.
Because I love camping! !

Hello fellow steemians, I'm new on this platform could you please encourage me by upvoting my second post through this link
Thank you!

Well, the need of motorcycles is indeed relevant in some community but most persons do make it a mandate platform because they are lovers of cycles, meanwhile you've said it all, kindly visit my blog i wrote a post about u.

When I have wealth, I already know I'll be the type that collects with lust. Some sexy little beast will catch my eye & I'll probably waste a lot of time & energy talking myself out of it until it's to the point where it's almost an investment in my own mental time to 'just get the damn thing already' & then see what the obsession inspires...

I've led a fairly un-materialistic life to this point, so I'm so good with spoiling myself a little and getting some toys if the universe lines things up my way.

I figure a boat, a convertible & a motorcycle are a good place to start. Oooh, or a 4 wheeler or a dirt bike...but then I'd need a truck...

Slippery slope that wealth.

To be fair, when I just start dreaming it usually involves re-furbishing a huge decommissioned vacation cruise ship & making a floating intentional community with an integrated garden system to be as self-sustaining as possible and go on big group adventures, so I don't start small.

Now doesn't buying a splurge level investment motorcycle seem so less crazy now? ;)


Yes. When compared to a cruise ship... A couple years ago I got to put my hands on a one of a kind Vincent. It ended up selling for $400,000. Incredibly beautiful.


I wish I could borrow your memory & see it! Got a little lost in Google images checking Vincents out awhile. A big part of what I love about motorcycles is the sound of the engine & those look like they might give good ear. I hope to hear one someday.

Thanks for the read & the eye candy. :)


i like the sound of collecting with lust lol. its good to certainly spoil yourself every now and then so far it keeps you happy. a dirt bike sounds awesome. your plan is great hope you get to accomplish all


Thanks, hope the same for you. :)

@jhoni likes the unique train collection we will not be able to value with the price.

Klasik antik

These bikes are costly but a sight to behold


good things are certainly expensive, we can all agree to that

Very nic post.

I really like motorcycles this one is very nice and unique@adsactly


Nice post& also motorcyles thanks for sharing.....

@adsactly some motorcycles are definitely expensive, love the design and mechanics!

resteemit done


thanks @adsactly appreciates

If you wanna be cool like Fonzie, you definitely need a motorcycle! Joy

I like the red bike. Our way of living in my country is different, you can only own more than one bike when your family is rich.

please voteback..

Really like all of them but don't have money to get one

First one all the way for me what a cracker!


Isn't that a beauty? You know I love your scooter series...

super fantastic ... Your motorcycles.

Add Motorcycles to the list of collectibles.

I helped my friend rebuild a carb a few years ago on her Harley and fell in love with the experience. So we have rebuilt a few since then. I don't ride nearly as much as I want to but I love this post on adding motorcycles to your portfolio. I don't think many people see the long term value in motorcycles but they are certainly beautiful and so much fun! Thanks for sharing! - Ivy-


That's just a way cool story, Ivy. I got myself known in my current community because I was the only guy around that could tune a Stromberg that a lot of guys used on their PanHeads. Some times reputation is good!


That is wicked cool! Having a particular skill set that others don't have is such a great way to build friendships and relationships. I have learned a lot by sharing my skills with others and learning skills from them.


they are, just that only a few see them in the same level as cars but they are certainly worth having


That is an excellent point! I know many people that rebuild classic cars and have impressive collections but would never add motorcycles to their collection.

Hi @bigtom13, "Dirty Harry was on a Moto Guzzi."?? Dirty Harry was chased by a moto guzzi, but I'm pretty sure it was a triumph T100 he was actually riding. Here's a link to youtube footage of the scene. It's quite clear to see, and a great scene to watch just for the fun of it. ;)

I trust you don't mind me correcting you here. I love motorbikes, though I don't have the funds to invest in many of bikes that I would dearly love to ride, and top of that list is a favourite of yours, the stunningly beautiful Indian Chief.

I'm happy with my steed though, a 95 carb model Moto Guzzi California 1100. I love this bike of mine so much, the joy of riding the country lanes or motorways can only be felt, it can't be explained.

This is my own bike and my original photograph, I only ever post my own original photographs
Please click for fullscreen.

yes afcurse

its nice motorcylle. I really like
I have never seen