Mountain Resort & Leisure Resort, this place will keep you looking forward to

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The work pressure of Beishang Guangshen is the biggest. Every day is busy, I want to go on vacation and I am too lazy to recommend a better villa today. It is not far from a leisure resort.

Located in Zhoushandian Tianzhu Mountain Villa in Fangshan District, near Beijing, it is a collection of dining, accommodation, conference, entertainment, sports and fitness. It is a large-scale leisure and holiday garden-style hotel, covering an area of ​​40,000 square meters and 2.5 kilometers away from the Zhoukoudian Shuren Site. Southwest of the villa: Yunju Temple with incense and fire; less than ten kilometers to see the ever-changing stone milk in the mountain cloud water hole; the famous "Shidu Scenic Area", which is called "Little Guilin", is only fifteen kilometers.

Northeast: There are stone lime caves and silver solitary caves in the natural limestone caves with the characteristics of Fangshan. It is truly surrounded by a natural environment and rich tourism resources.

The most attractive attraction for the mountain is the Tianzhu Mountain Villa • Berlin County, which is built on the mountain and is a garden courtyard with various Nordic styles and various shapes. An authentic German town is presented in front of the people. The fountains, pools, fish ponds, waterfalls, creeks, almond trees, bamboo forests, squares, all in the garden are all exquisite and chic; the interior decoration and decoration are large enough to home appliances. The small ornaments and oil paintings of the wine cabinets make people feel the immersiveness of the Nordic country houses. From time to time, there are birds and insects, chickens and dogs, and you can pick the wild fruits in the mountains and forests. You can truly embrace nature and enjoy nature!

Enjoy the intimate contact with nature here, breathe a fresh air to relax your heart and body Troubled, here I don’t have to worry about everything, I will forget all of them, and my little friends come here to meet! !

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