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With spoilers

The last film directed by Sebastián Borensztein (A Chinese story, Koblic), based on the work of Eduardo Sucheri A night at the plant, and co-writer in this installment, arrives in theaters. The odyssey of the giles, or as revenge of 2001, is an entire work, worthy of being at the height of any Hollywood movie; It has a stellar cast and a catchy plot from minute one.

This film with tragicomic strokes begins in the town of Alsina, where the Perlassi (Ricardo Darín and Verónica Llinás) invite Antonio Fontana (Luis Brandoni) to join a cooperative to reopen an old company, that way they want to reactivate the economy of their town and provide new jobs. Next plate we learn that they are in 2001, and it is laughing and crying at the same time because the fate of these characters can not be worse directed. Argentina would go through one of the worst economic crises with the emergence of the fearsome "corralito". Despite knowing what the cruel fate we know awaits them, it is an enjoyment to present the rest of these characters (from the “giles”) with so many wonderful performances by actors such as Daniel Aráoz, Rita Cortese, Marco Antonio Caponi , Alejandro Gigena, Guillermo Jacubowics and a special mention for Carlos Belloso.


Once the cooperative is formed, and the money saved, Fermín is duped by the bank manager and loses all the money raised. The laziness and pain suffered by the characters of the Perlassi are really emotional, and if this were not enough for the character of Fermín (great spoiler alert) Lidia Perlassi dies. While this event is important to the plot, it would have really been nice to see much more of Lidia. In the short time we see it on screen, its scenes denote a strong but at the same time warm woman, a female character that Verónica Llinás builds firmly and leaves us wanting to see even more.

At this point, the Great Revenge begins. The giles find out that in fact the lawyer Manzi (Andrés Parra), who scammed them, has his money stored in a safe, a fact that leads them to go through a series of situations and challenges of comic tone to be able to enter the field and retrieve it. As a secondary story we find the son of the Perlassi (Chinese Darin) who tries to elucidate how to deactivate the alama from the vault and in turn flirts with the secretary of the study. This parallelism is the least attractive within the film; the actions of those involved do not convince or create a chemistry between them that can be interesting.

Borensztein demonstrates his skills as a director in this film, neglects classic clichés of the genre, spinning a narrative between friendship, politics, loss and hope.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the director brings us what many of the Argentines would have liked to happen, recover what is theirs and fight against injustice, and that those villains of the past of our country have their deserved as they had The lawyer Manzi.

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