Netflixing: 10 Cloverfield Lane - by @thedogekid

4년 전

A movie about a psycho or an alien flick?

That is the question audiences are left with throughout the entire film.

It starts out with a girl driving down a back country highway...

Then, out of no where, she gets run off the road and winds up in a ditch, knocked unconscious.

When she wakes up she is hand-cuffed to a bed with several injuries in a dark brick room with no windows.

A man tells her that there has been an attack, she is currently in his underground bunker, and the air outside is likely contaminated.

Oh, and she is also told there are no other people alive on the outside world.

He then tells her that he expects they will have to be in that bunker for a least a year, maybe two, until the air clears up enough for them to venture out.

She is not sure what to believe.

When she was last awake she was breaking up with her boyfriend and driving down a long highway, now she is being told the world is ending and she is trapped under ground with some strange man.

What would you think?

The rest of the film goes back and forth and audiences are left trying to figure out whether the strange man is telling the truth or whether he is a psycho that enjoys holding people captive.

I won't say what actually happens here since some may not have seen it.

But I will say it's worth the watch.

Overall, I rate the film 9/10.

I was pleasantly surprised, I recommend 10 Cloverfield Lane.

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This was by far one of the best horror movies I ever watched. I liked how there were many plot twists, one after the other. It was such a plot twist-ception.

Thank you for reminding me of this movie