Redboxing: The Spinning Man - by @thedogekid

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A strange movie that only gets stranger.

That describes what I just saw perfectly.

It is about a philosophy professor who tends to believe a lot of his teachings, which isn't all that bad I guess.

Except he takes it to another level.

His definition of the truth is only what you can accurately remember to have happened. If you can't remember it, it never happened.

Interesting way to live your life.

Especially for someone who doesn't seem to have the best memory.

Also interesting for someone who seems to enjoy getting mixed up with his young female students even though his married and has a family at home.

Again though, if he can't remember it happening, did it actually happen?!

That is the theme presented in the entire film.

To make things worse, the professor often has dreams/visions/fantasies and he often can't recall which was a fantasy and which actually happened.

This all gets very hazy when a young girl that he gave a ride to ends up dead in a lake.

He can't remember if he killed her or just fantacised about killing her.

Throughout the whole movie the audience never really knows either which is which.

Did the professor actually do that or just think about doing it?!

Overall, I give the film a 6/10 rating.

Lot of big name actors, but at the end you aren't really sure what the heck happened.

It's at redbox currently and only worth the watch if you like to be confused.

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Yes there are some great actors in this, I’m gunna have to watch it!

i will watch this

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thanks for this article

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I find it helpful to look up reviews in the IMDb when I find a film confusing. Some people are better at catching things than I am.