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Good day, dear readers! Today in the queue we have the picture of Steven Spielberg's "The Post". It would seem that such a masterful and great Director can not get a bad picture, and of course this picture is not bad, but still, such topics about writing is very difficult to shoot. And even such high profile actors as Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep can't hold tension in the film from the very beginning to the very end. And I in any case will not undertake to say that the film is not interesting. There is one problem. The film is based on real events and it has a lot of references to that story and it is very hard to perceive the film to a person who is far from that story. They are mostly foreign filmmakers. The film tells us about the journalists of the Washington Post who declared war on the White house, and he tells the story of the publication of a secret report on the real situation and causes of the war in Vietnam. The film only begins to capture the middle, but for the characters to really care. In General a verdict such that the film was 100% entertaining, you need to read the story. And so the film is very heavy. I do not recommend watching it for entertainment, it is more suitable for those who want to delve into the history and learn about the real reporters - heroes! Thank you for watching, all bye!!!

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I've been reading through your movie reviews and they are pretty damn good. Famous movie critics talk a lot about technical shit about movies that most people don't care about. People want to know: What is the movie about, was it good or bad, and why?

You are doing a good job at that (although this post seems a little more rushed than some of your other ones). It is also really cool that you are doing these in English and Russian. Your English is very good, by the way. I just wanted to give you some friendly advice to help you reach more readers. Most English readers don't know what "Cinema Raznos" means. I Googled it and I'm still not sure what it means. Also, having the same title for all the posts with a #1,2,3,4.... makes people less likely to read it. If a reader clicks on your page and sees #7, they are less likely to read it because they will think they need to start at #1 and most people aren't going to bother.

Your title should be something like:
Movie Review: "The Post" starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks.

Also, your first sentence needs to grab people's attention and make them want to keep reading, or at least tell them what they are about to read. This is important because when people are browsing posts they can see the first 100 spaces you typed, even if they don't click on your post, so those are the most important words of your whole blog.

"Good day, dear readers! Today in the queue we have the picture of..."
This sounds nice and polite, but it does not catch people's attention.

Instead, do something like:
Stephen Spielberg's "The Post" is the true story of journalists who declared war on the White House and exposed the truth about the Vietnam War.

Now you start off with a famous director's name, people know it is a true story, it is about Vietnam, and journalists declaring war on the White House is going to get people's attention.

One more thing. Since you are Russian, and this movie is about American politics, I would LOVE to hear what you think about the movie from a Russian perspective. I would love to hear your thoughts about ANY American movie and have you talk about the differences between how the movie would have happened if it was in Russia instead of the United States or maybe the things you see in American movies that seem strange to you as a Russian. I think many people would be interested in that.

Keep up the good work Andrew.


Thank you for your criticism. I like to listen to criticism. After it one starts to get better. Thanks for the tips, they are very useful. I will try to develop. Thanks to you it will be easier

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Nice one