Disney continues to release boring movies. A Wrinkle in Time

4년 전

Good day, dear reader! Now I represent to your attention a mini-review of the incredibly beautiful and terribly inept picture of Disney "Break time". Already from the trailer it was evident that it would be absurd, clichéd film about a teenager who passed an incredibly difficult test in the face of what even it is terrible to think, learn to respect themselves, increase their severely low self esteem and so on. And you know what? Everything turned out to be even worse! The film is full of flaws, not even so. This film consists of disadvantages, the main of which is a disjointed story with a huge amount of innuendo and neskasannoe. We do not explain much at all. Logically, the plot loses threads. The actors played frankly bad. Yes, Chris pine that the tried to do, but play there him was frankly not what. So do the kids me from the beginning of the film started to push. Their game just don't believe, don't worry about them. In sympathy for the main characters, too hard to believe. And the final part of the film, with the villain only makes laugh! Pleasing to the eye visuals, but it does not save the film. That's absolutely! I do not recommend in any case! Spend the money on the wind! Thank you for watching, all bye!

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I bet this must be borning...cause it's for kids...duhh...lol...jk...I upvoted ya


Yes, movies for children should be much better. There should be morality and clear timing of events. Children should be clear to all. And in this film it's the opposite