Is the National Treasure best Nicholas Сage movie?

4년 전

Good day, dear reader! Today we will discuss with you is not a new movie! The thing is, I described Tomb Raider yesterday, 2018, and there I mentioned the cliché of all adventure films. And I love these movies, so for a while I will arrange a series of adventure films to watch with the whole family. I want to say that I love to watch such a film, where sometimes you need to think with the characters, to try to unravel some of the mysteries, watch the incredible mind of the main character and his assistants. So today we consider the film as much as 2004's "National Treasure". I have to say that the picture I liked, and liked the recently released Lara. The film, though quite old already, but catchy. Yes, the picture is far from sinless. It has plot holes, clichés, you can predict the actions of the characters. But still, you focus on solving the mysteries, on this journey. The plot is absolutely normal for such films: the main character is looking for treasures on distillation with villains, in parallel, he falls in love with him, too, naturally fall in love. The hero has a helper, at first a bit silly, but to me, he reveals to the middle of the movie. But the fact is that the characters are revealed. In movie there is no not closed issues and I simply watched and enjoyed them. Highly recommended for viewing! Subscribe to me will be a lot of interesting, like, thank you for watching, good luck, dear friends, all for now!

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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Signs point to yes

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It's an alright film but not Nicolas Cage's best movie. The Rock, Face Off and Leaving Law Vegas are his top 3 in my opinion.

I did enjoy National Treasure though. The second one is not as good.

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