The first good film based on a computer game?

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Good day, dear reader! In this post, I will Express my opinion about the new Lara Croft! I did not play games about this character, so I can not Express my point of view on the part of the player. I watched both of the previous films, which I was not so impressed, although there played beautiful Angelina Jolie. She played there liberated treasure hunter, who embarked on an adventure. This film is many is no different from its predecessor, though nothing like him. The main character is more modest, a lot of chatter, there is no morality. There is only an adventure that we are trying to be interested in. Yes, the picture is gorgeous and action scenes set well, and even the actors play their fees, but there is a problem. The characters are very dry and absolutely not disclosed, so despite the good acting, empathize, not something you want. And such films was already enough, therefore, to predict the actions of the characters and the events of the film will not make you work. I would like to wish the creators a little creativity, because I like adventure movies, and they have potential. I would like that it would be implemented to the maximum. And thank you for viewing, dear friends, subscribe, put huskies, good luck, and bye!!!

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I watched it in cinema and have to say it is a good movie with a few weak points but all in all a great movie to watch 😄


Yes, the film performs an entertaining function very well

Alicia Vikander did a good job, even though I can bluntly say she was not able to fit in the shoes of Angelina Jolie. But I believe she will be better in the future.


All the actors worked honestly for their fees. I liked their work. I did not like the script and the characters

I've yet to watch it but have read numerous mixed reviews. I am a fan of the game and will give the movie a chance though I am not rushing to catch it, I may wait for it to become available on TV.


Yes, fans of the game franchise did not like the film. I think it's because all the movies games were previously failed

Alicia Vikander really was convincing as Lara Croft.


She's a great actress. I hope many more times we will see how it develops from film to film

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