Martyrs: review to understand it better

5년 전


Martyrs is a French film written and directed by Pascal Laugier who has been described as violent, ill and transgressor, although I differ from those appreciations.

While the movie is not bad, it does not comply with the gore. It stays small even with SAW. Still, there is a part of the story that is metaphysical and that part enriches it a lot.

Then there is the part that is supposed to be the climax: Martyrdom. That is not quite well treated. There are violent parts, but I need to express the objective of the story. It is necessary to see that total submission and abuse against a person, to take it to a state of total human dispossession, only to understand what awaits death. Obtain knowledge through the suffering of another human being. The dehumanization of this circle of people capable of torturing, tormenting their martyr to the point of tortuous epiphany.

This goes Martyrs and although I still need to express that dehumanization, a film that I recommend.

Pd .: You can find it on YouTube.
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