3년 전

I finally saw the Movie Acrimony today after so much noise from literally everyone.


Honestly, from a critic state of mind it's not an exceptionally good movie. The plot and the characters are underdeveloped, the cinematography is great however.

On the other hand, it's easy to understand why the movie generated so much buzz, there's something to the scenario played out in the movie and viewers are looking for someone to cast the blame on.
Me? I don't think anybody should be blamed, but if someone must be blamed it should be the man. He didn't handle his shit like a man, he collected a little too much from her and let her go a little too easily. The entirety of their marriage life he lived her life and didn't try to make any necessary input - some might say he did, the movie just didn't show it; that's why it's a bad movie.

If this qualifies to be a mistake then the only mistake Taraji's character made was the way she went about her whole end game. She should have known that he really loved her and was her boy; she knew him well enough and could get him back if she wanted but she made it seem she was only coming back for the money.

A 2/10 from me.

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